Personal details of Professor Ajai Kumar Singh: He was born in Aligarh (U P) in 1953. His father was a police officer in U P (India). A through out first division holder and recipient of State and National Merit Scholarships received his Ph. D degree from University of Delhi in 1977 under the supervision of Professor (Late) R.P. Singh for his work on "Metal Complexes of Pyrimidines" He was Research Associate, in the group of Professor (Late) W. R. McWhinnie Univ. of Aston, Birmingham (U K). After short stints at Ramjas College (Univ. Delhi) and M.D. Univ. (Rohtak, Haryana) he joined Department of chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in Feb, 1982 as lecturer. He became Assistant Professor in April, 1990, Associate Professor in Oct 1995, full Professor in Jan, 2000 and Professor(HAG) in 2009. He was Head, Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi from 2009-2012. He is an Honorary Member of Science Faculty, University of Delhi. He served as Member /Chairman in many committees of CSIR, DST, DAE, DRDO and UPSC. He was visiting Professor in Pohang University South Korea in Oct, 2007. In 2011 he was President of Inorganic Section of Indian Council of Chemists










Research Interests: Organochalcogen ligand chemistry, catalyst designing for coupling reaction, oxidation transfer, hydrogenation etc., half sandwich compounds, structural chemistry, metal chalcogenide nanoparticles and their applications in catalysis, solid phase extraction, analytical chemistry and main group chemistry