The world of circuit designing : Analog circuit design group at IIT Delhi

If you are passionate about circuit designing and interested in exploring and researching it more, then you have come to a right place. Speaking about myself, I am an Assistant professor in IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi) working in the area of analog and mixed signal circuit design.

Currently, I am working on developing new architectures for high speed ADCs with an improved linearity. Before joining here, I have worked with Prof. Maurits Ortmanns (University of ULM), where we have designed ultra low voltage CTDSM (working with 0.4V power supply and achieving 12 bit resolution in 50kHz signal bandwidth) as well as wide bandwidth CTDSM (achieving 12 bit resolution in 50MHz signal bandwidth). I have worked with Prof. Shanthi Pavan at IIT Madras for getting my doctorate degree where we have designed several CTDSMs, one of which was clocked at 6GSps and achieved 11 bit resolution in 60MHz signal bandwidth . I have also worked at Freescale semiconductor for two years. There, I was working on PLL and clock synthesizers.

If you are interested in pursuing higher studies in area of analog and mixed signal circuit design then you can always write to me at