Sponsored Research Projects


1.     Title: Seismic Behaviour of Pile Groups in Clay
Funded by: Department of Science and Technology (SERC Fast Track Scheme)
Fund Value: Rs. 10.68 Lacs
Duration: 4 years (2006-2010)
PI/Co-PI: R. Ayothiraman

2.    Title: Setting up Basic Infrastructure to Study Behaviour of Pile Foundations under Earthquake Loads
Funded by: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (RGNF Scheme)
Fund Value: Rs. 1.00 Lac
Duration: 1.5 years (2009-2010)
PI/Co-PI: R. Ayothiraman

3.    Title: Studies on tunnel-soil-pile interaction in loose/soft soils
Funded by: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (Seed Money Scheme)
Fund Value: Rs. 10.00 Lacs
Duration: 3 years (2010-2013)
PI/Co-PI: R. Ayothiraman

4.    Title: Dynamic and cyclic properties of solid waste
Funded by: Ministry of Earth Sciences
Fund Value: Rs. 76.10 Lacs
Duration: 3 years (2011-2013)
PI/Co-PI: G.V. Ramana, K. G. Sharma, R. Ayothiraman



Major Consultancy Projects*


At IIT Delhi

1.    Title: Evaluation of strength properties of soil stabilized with Naturalcrete
Client: Naturalcrete (India) Ltd, New Delhi

     Amount of Charges: 3.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman

2.  Title: Proof checking of detailed design for Kolkata Metro (Joka-Mominpur Corridor)
Client: Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. (RVNL), New Delhi

     Amount of Charges: 114.8 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: K. G. Sharma, R. Ayothiraman, Vasant Matsagar, B. Manna, D. R. Sahoo

3.    Title: Technical advice on the recommendations on remedial measures and repair strategy/ methodology for repair of structure for AFNHB project: Phase-II, Dehradun
Client: Air Force and Naval Housing Board (AFNHB), New Delhi
Amount of Charges: 10.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman, A. K. Jain, Vasant Matsagar

4.  Title: Proof checking of design and drawings of soldier pile wall and strutting system for an excavation depth of 8.5 m in construction of Extension Building (Block-B) to Parliament House Annex of CPWD, New Delhi
Client: Central Public Works Department (CPWD), New Delhi
Amount of Charges: 2.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman

5.    Title: Checking of structural mounting system including helical piles for solar panels at Wagdam, Khambat, Gujarat
Client: ACME
Telepower Ltd., Gurgaon
Amount of Charges: 2.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman, Vasant Matsagar

6.     Title: Checking of design of foundation and structural stability of bus queue shelters for CWG project, New Delhi
Client: Global Transit Solutions Ltd.
Amount of Charges: 2.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: Vasant Matsagar, R. Ayothiraman

7.    Title: Assessment of capacity of Odyssey building for the construction of additional four floors

Client: Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
Amount of Charges: 4.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI(s): K.G. Sharma, R. Ayothiraman, Vasant Matsagar

8.    Title: Checking of structural and foundation design of 42.5 m high lighting mast at Chatrasal Stadium, New Delhi
Sweka Power-Tech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Amount of Charges: 2.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman, Vasant Matsagar

9.    Title: Slope stability analysis and remedial measures

Client: RITES Ltd.
Amount of Charges: 5.0 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: K.G. Sharma, G. V. Ramana, R. Ayothiraman


At IIT Guwahati

1.    Title: Seismic cross-hole test for Diesel Hydrotreater (DHDT) project site of BRPL, Dhaligaon, Assam
Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd
Amount of Charges: 8.64 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman/S.T.G.
Raghu Kanth

2.    Title: Assessment of condition of incomplete/partially-collapsed pile-supported jetty at Pandu Port, Guwahati
Client: Inland Waterways Authority on India, Guwahati
Cost: 3.0 Lacs
Baleshwar Singh/R. Ayothiraman

3.    Title: Investigation of structural damages developed in administrative building at EPIP Complex, Guwahati
Client: Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd., Guwahati
Amount of Charges: 2.5 Lacs
CI/Co-CI: R. Ayothiraman


*Consultancy projects of value more than Rs. 2.0 lacs are only given here