Ph.D. Students

  1. Soma Gupta, Some Results on the Dispersion Spectrum and Maximal Density of M-sets, 1998

  2. Ram Krishna Pandey, Some Results on the Density of Integral Sets with Missing Differences, 2008

  3. Geeta, Some Aspects of the Postage Stamp Problems, 2009

  4. Indivar Gupta, A Study of Some Cryptographic Protocols Based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem and Pairing, 2010
    Co-supervisors: Dr. P. K. Saxena & Dr. C. E. Venimadhavan

M. Tech. Students

  1. Siddharth P. Jain & Tarandeep Singh Ahuja, Some Studies in Ramsey Theory, 2001

  2. Animesh Sharma & Raghav Bhaskar, Efficient Implementation and Applications of Galois Field Arithmetic, 2001
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Vijay Kumar

  3. Dev Anshul, A proposed implementation of the Quadratic Sieve Algorithm to factor large integers with parallelism on the range index, 2001
    Co-supervisor: Dr. C. E. Venimadhavan

  4. V. N. Muralidhara, Provably efficient encryption method for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem, 2001
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Sandeep Sen

  5. Sujith Vijay, Some Problems in Combinatorial Number Theory, 2002

  6. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Topics in Ramsey Theory, 2002

  7. K. K. Ravi Prakash, Number Fields and Number Field Sieve, 2005

  8. Raghu Yelamkonda, Elliptic Curves and Its Applications to Cryptography, 2005

  9. Akshat Shankar & Saptak Narula, Graph Algorithms in Streaming Model, 2007
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Vinayak Pandit

  10. Vivek Joshi, Stochastic Network Design, 2007
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Amit Kumar

  11. J. Thulasirangan, Some Aspects of Ramsey Theory, 2010

  12. Mayank Magoo, Number Theory and Cryptography, 2010

  13. Ishan Arora, Stochastic Optimization for Lightpath Establishment
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Ashwin Gumaste
    Some Problems in Generalized Schur Numbers, 2011

  14. Aartika, Readings in Ramsey Theory, 2013

  15. Anoopam Agarwal, Unsplittable Flow problems on Line Graphs, 2013
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Navin Garg

  16. Piyush Ahuja, Selected Problem in Network Designs, 2013
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Navin Garg

  17. Pradeep George Mathias, Approximation Algorithms for Min-Max Fair Allocation, 2013
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Navin Garg

  18. Arjun Attam, Analysing and Predicting Facebook Fan Page Likes, 2014
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Amitabha Bagchi

  19. Dilpreet Singh Dhariwal, Trend Prediction in Twitter, 2014
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Amitabha Bagchi

M. Sc. Students

  1. Selvakumaran T. V. & N. Venkatasubramanian, Multi-level Group Codes over the Quarternion group and its Generalizations, 1996
    Co-supervisor: Dr. B. Sundar Rajan

  2. Anju Singal, Arithmetic on Elliptic Curves, 1996

  3. Amitabh Sinha, Approximating shallow-light spanning trees and Group Steiner trees, 1999
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Naveen Garg

  4. Devabrat Borah, A Study of Elliptic Curves, 2000

  5. Abhijeet A. Mahabal, Information retrieval from the Web, 2000
    Co-supervisor: Dr. S. N. Maheshwari

  6. Vineet Rajosi Sharma, Security and Connectivity Issues in Wireless Mobile Terminals, 2000
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Huzur Saran

  7. Bhawna Sharma, Asymptotic Methods for Differential Equations, 2005
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Girija Jayaraman

  8. Shahab Faruqi, Some Ramsey-type Theorems, 2006

  9. Ananya Chaturvedi, Some Aspects of Extremal Combinatorics, 2011

  10. Anand Jyoti Sanasam, Analytic Methods in Number Theory, 2013

  11. Abhilash Awasthi & Aditya Garg, Extremal Combinatorics, 2013

  12. Reema Malhotra, Algebraic Number Theory & Fermat's Last Theorem, 2013

  13. Aditi Ghai, A Study of Some Graph Labellings, 2014

  14. Ashutosh Singh, Some Aspects of the Diophantine Frobenius Problem, 2014