Shashank Bishnoi

Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Sponsored research projects

  1. The Mechanical Efficiency of Indian Fly-ashes in Concretes using Indian Cements, sponsored by Lafarge Centre de Recherche, Lyon, France
  2. Blending of Fly-Ashes from Multiple Sources to Reduce Variablity in Concrete Performance, sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
  3. Low Carbon Cement, sponsored by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Government of Switzerland
  4. Sustainable Construction and Reduction of Water Consumption (as co-PI with Prof. B. Bhattacharjee), sponsored by NBCC Ltd.
  5. Testing and Simulation of Building Performance of Affordable Housing Units (as co-PI with Dr. D.R. Sahoo), sponsored by Tata Steel Ltd.
  6. Studying binder-admixture interaction for sustainable construction in India, sponsored by Chryso, France
  7. Low Carbon Cement - Phase I, sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  8. Investigation into the chemistry of admixtures and binders to improve their interaction, sponsored by Chryso, France
  9. Development of supplementary cementitious materials for sustainable high performance concrete, sponsored by JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.

Areas of consultacy

  1. Condition assessment, repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures
  2. Advice on structural design of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings
  3. Design of concrete mixtures using alternative or recycled materials
  4. Design of economical and practically viable concretes for special applications

Topics of research interest

  1. Effect of supplementary cementitious materials on the strength of concrete

  2. Effect of fine fillers on the hydration and the development of hydrating cement microstructure

  3. Effect of flocculation and admixtures on setting of concrete and the development of mechanical properties of concrete

  4. Modelling thermal stresses in concrete

  5. Modelling the coupled effect of autogeneous, thermal and drying shrinkage on concrete

  6. Properties of light-weight pervious concrete for use in pavements

  7. Effect of fly-ash on developments of mechanical properties of concrete using non-destructive methods

  8. Monitoring strength development in mortars with fly-ash using chemical shrinkage measurements

  9. Life cycle cost analysis of Reinforced concrete structures

  10. High strength concrete using processed fly-ashes and slags

  11. Use of ternary binders to increase strength and reduce shrinkage

  12. Expansive cements

  13. Micro-mechanical modelling of cement pastes using FFT, FEM and homogenisation techniques

  14. Use of chemical shrinkage measurements for SCMs

  15. Use of crushed glass as fine aggregate and pozzolana

  16. Modelling nucleation and growth kinetics

  17. Numerical modelling of the elastic properties of cement paste

  18. The use of physical chemistry to model the microstructural development of hydrating cement pastes

  19. Numerical modelling of the pore size distribution and permeability of cement pastes

  20. Numerical modelling of the interfacial transition zone

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