Shashank Bishnoi

Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Ph.D. Students

  1. Do QuangHuy (based at EPFL, Switzerland, Co-supervised with Prof. K.L. Scrivener, September 2009 - July 2013)
  2. Amarpreet Kaur (with Prof. B. Bhattacharjee as co-supervisor) (July 2010 - May 2016)
  3. Satya Chaitanya Medepalli (January 2011 - present)
      Reducing variability of properties of concretes containing fly ash
  4. Pardeep Kumar (Part-time) (Co-supervised with Prof. B. Bhattacharjee) (January 2013 - present)
      Fatigue in structures retrofitted using fibre reinforced laminates
  5. Anuj (January 2014 to present)
      Developing experimental techniques to characterise ternary cements
  6. Vineet Shah (July 2014 to present)
      Understanding durability of ternary blended cements
  7. Sreejith Krishnan (December 2014 to present)
      Understanding hydration of ternary blended cements
  8. Arun C Emmanuel (January 2015 to present)
      Understanding the effect of curing conditions and cement type on performance of concrete
  9. Ankur Bansal (November 2015 to present)
      Service life design of STP under sulphate attack
  10. Meenakshi (January 2016 to present)
      Role of fly ash in strength development of concrete

Masters Students

  1. Aneeta Mary Joseph (M.S. Research - Completed 2015)
      Studying the durability of Limestone Calcined Clay Portland Cement
  2. Ajay Anand (Ongoing)
      Developing lightweight blocks using geopolymerisation
  3. Sandeep Jain (Ongoing)
      Optimisation of weight vs. strength of bricks using waste materials
  4. Vivek Chenna (Ongoing)
      Comparative assessment of sustainability of various walling materials
  5. Puneet Jha (Completed 2015)
      Developing test methods to evaluate water-proofing in concrete
  6. Gaurav Gupta (Completed 2015)
      Developing test methods to evaluate crushed sand for use in concrete
  7. Aritra Pal (Completed 2015)
      Developing low-clinker ternary blends for Indian cement industry
  8. Saroj Biswas (Completed 2015)
      Developing simplified test methods for shear-wall based tall buildings
  9. Sreejith Halder (Completed 2015, co-spervised with Dr. A. Ganguli)
      Modelling hydration, thermal distribution and strength development in concretes in ambient conditions
  10. Jatin Kumar (Completed 2015, co-spervised with Dr. A. Ganguli)
      Studying setting of concrete using ultrasonic measurements
  11. Sandip Upadhyaya (Completed 2014)
      Performance of concretes using alternative fine aggregates
  12. Malaya Satyaketu (Completed 2014)
      Modelling hydration kinetics of Portland cement
  13. Akash Jain (Completed 2014)
      Modelling carbonation in concretes subjected to cyclic wetting and drying
  14. Sreejith Krishnan (Completed 2014)
      Effect of raw material composition on strength of concretes containing clinker-calcined clay-limestone
    ternary cement
  15. Vineet Shah (Completed 2014)
      Use of marble sludge as a fine filler in Portland and pozzolanic cements
  16. Naveen Kumar (Completed 2014) (co-supervised with Dr. Abhijit Ganguli)
      Investigation of effect of transit time on strength development using ultrasonic monitoring
  17. Bhavna Yadav (Completed 2014) (co-supervised with Dr. Arun Kumar)
      Effect of mixing of sludge in concrete on the leaching of nano materials
  18. Shiju Joseph (Completed 2013)
      Modelling thermal stresses in mass concrete
  19. Amardeep (Completed 2013)
      Modelling autogenous shrinkage in concretes containing fly ash
  20. Rohit Baghla (Completed 2013)
      Experimental study on strength development in mass concrete
  21. Rohit Kumar (Completed 2013)
      Effect of fineness of fly ash on permeability of mortars
  22. Shankar Naik (Completed 2013)
      Analysis of cost and energy of bricks in Indian market
  23. Pukhraj Sahu (Completed 2013)
      FEM analysis of strengthened concrete beams
  24. Lt. Col. Chandra Prakash Nagarkoti (Completed 2013)
      Behaviour of jacketed concrete beams
  25. Souptik Sarkar (Completed 2012)
      Modelling thermal, drying and autogenous stresses in concretes with fly-ash
  26. Nipun Verma (Completed 2012)
      Studying life-cycle costs of concrete bridges
  27. Aritra Halder (with Prof. B. Bhattacharjee, Completed 2012)
      Early age properties of high-strength concrete
  28. Himanshu Gupta (with Prof. B. Bhattacharjee, Completed 2012)
      Long-term properties of high-strength concrete
  29. Tina Bhatia (with Dr. A.K. Nema, 2011-2012)
      Studying carbon-sequestration in fly-ash concretes
  30. Deepak Kumar (with Prof. Bhattacharjee, completed 2011)
      Evaluation of cement mortar mixture containing fly-ash by ultrasonic pulse velocity technique
  31. Geochan Antony (with Dr. Jha, completed 2011)
      Construction delay analysis of pavement quality concrete pavements
  32. Shilpi Narayan (with Prof. Jain, completed 2011)
      Life-cycle primary energy analysis of a residential building
  33. Priya Chandrayan (with Prof. Jain, completed 2011)
      Sustainable retrofitting of office building and energy performance improvement

Group photo with the students in April 2015

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