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Prof. Bishnu P. Pal, Professor of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (since 1990), is a researcher and educator in the field of Fiber Optics and Optical Communication.

Major Equipments in our Fiber Optics Laboratory at the Physics Department

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer (Agilent make)

  • Wavelength Meter

  • Supercontiuum light source

  • Ti-Saphire Laser pumped with Argon ion Laser (Spectra Physics make)

  • Fiber splice machines (Fujikura and Tritec make)

  • C- and L-band continuously tunable LD sources (Agilent make)

  • InGaAs, Si, and Ge-detector based Optical Power meters

  • Precision Polishing Machine (Logitec, Scotland make)

  • Nd-YAG Laser (Spectron, UK make)

  • Laser Diode Power Supplies

  • 1310 nm, 1550 nm, and 980 nm Laser Diode Modules with Power Supplies

  • High Precision Goniometer

  • Lock-in-amplifiers and Choppers

  • Monochromators

  • Optical Bread Boards

  • Acousto-optic and Electro-optic Modulators

  • He-Ne lasers of various powers

  • Assorted optical fibers multimode, single-mode, plastic clad silica multimode, rare-earth-doped (Er+ and Nd+)

  • Fused-fiber coupler component fabrication rig

  • Side-polished fiber coupler fabrication facility

  • Mechanical and motorized precision translation stages

  • Ion-exchange Integrated Optical Waveguide fabrication facilities in Glass and LiNbO3

  • Supercontinuum light source from Fiannium, UK

  • Assorted computers for high-speed computation and simulation