I am an assistant professor in philosophy in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, at the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi.


Research areas: Moral, political, and legal philosophy; legal history.

My current research falls broadly in three areas, each of which is a window into some aspect of the liberal tradition: the concepts of coercion, deception, and consent and their role in legal and moral argument; the continuity of law and legal institutions across changes of political regime; and the nature of civil liberties, particularly freedom of speech.

I am also interested in several questions having to do with criminal justice, and in exploring connections between moral philosophy and the philosophy of science.

Teaching (Ist Semester 2018-18)

HUL 360: Special Topics in Philosophy

A seminar course on the theory and practice of criminal justice: syllabus. Please sign up for the course piazza site using access code hul360.

HSL 754: The Philosophy of Plato

A graduate seminar on Plato: syllabus| course schedule. The class will meet from 3-6 pm on Fridays. For announcements and readings, please sign up for the course piazza site using access code hsl754. The first meeting will be at 3 pm on Friday, 27 July, in LH 614 (not MS 610 as previously announced).


I blog at Out of Context.

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