Arudra Burra

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PhD (Philosophy), Princeton University (2011); JD, Yale Law School (2007); BA (Mathematics, Computer Science, Philosophy), Brandeis University (2000)

I am an assistant professor in philosophy at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi. I joined the department in December 2012, after post-doctoral fellowships at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), and the Program in Law and Philosophy at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).


office: MS 620
Office hours: Wednesdays, 4-5 pm, and by appointment.
phone: 91 11 2659 1371
mailing address: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016
email: burra [at] hss [dot] iitd [dot] ac [dot] in


Research areas: Moral, political, and legal philosophy; legal history.

My current research falls broadly in three areas, each of which is a window into some aspect of the liberal tradition: the concepts of coercion, deception, and consent and their role in legal and moral argument; the continuity of law and legal institutions across changes of political regime; and the nature of civil liberties, particularly freedom of speech. I am also interested in several questions having to do with criminal justice, and in exploring connections between moral philosophy and the philosophy of science.

More information is available on my research page.


Ist Semester 2016-17

HUL 258: Social and Political Philosophy
An introductory undergraduate class on various topics in social and political philosophy.
syllabus| readings: packet one

Please sign up for the course piazza site (access code: hul258).

For information about courses taught in previous semesters, see my teaching page.


HSS Tuesday Seminar series

Simona Sawhney and I coordinate the HSS Tuesday seminar series programme, which typically meets from 3.30-5 pm on alternate Tuesdays in the HSS Committee Room, MS 610. The series has brought a number of scholars to campus across a range of disciplines, including Sudipta Kaviraj, Shahid Amin, Indivar Kamtekar, T N Madan, Ajay Skaria, Tista Bagchi, and Gopal Guru; we also regularly hold talks by HSS faculty. Please drop me a line if you wish to be added to our mailing list.

The schedule for the current semester is now available: please consult the HSS events page for updates.

Schedules for past semesters:

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