CEL351 Design of Hydraulic Structures PMT


Prof. B. R. Chahar

Office Block V 324

Phone 1187

Email Chahar@civil.iitd.ac.in

Web www.chahar.tk



Contact (LTP) Schedule:


Lecture Tuesday Wednesday Friday 9 - 10 AM Venue IV LT2

Design 1 - 3 PM Venue V-317/320



LESSON PLAN: List of BOOKS Hydraulic Structures - Introduction.




1. Dams Introduction

2. Gravity Dams Computation of Forces

3. Gravity Dams Stability Analysis

4. Diversion Works


IS Codes:

1.    IS Code 6512: Criteria for Design of Solid Gravity Dams

2.    IS Code 1893: Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures

3.    IS Code 4410 : Part 22 : 1994 Glossary of terms relating to river valley projects: Part 22 Barrages & weirs

4.    IS Code 6966 : Part 1 : 1989 Guidelines for hydraulic design of barrages and weirs: Part 1 Alluvial Reaches

5.    IS Code 7349 : 1989 Guidelines for operation and maintenance of barrages and weirs

6.    IS Code 7720 : 1991 Criteria for Investigation, Planning and Layout for Barrages and Weirs

7.    IS Code 11130 : 1984 Criteria for Structural Design of Barrages and Weirs

8.    IS Code 14955 : 2001 Guidelines for Hydraulic Model Studies of Barrages and Weirs


The weightage likely to be as

  1. 20% Minor I
  2. 20% Minor II
  3. 40% Major
  4. 20% Quiz/ Assignment/ Design Class Attendance


Lecture/Tut CLASS


  1. You are welcome to ask questions in class.
  2. If you see something on the board that is confusing, ask; I do make mistakes I appreciate having them corrected.
  3. Come with downloaded lecture notes or class notes and Calculator in Design classes.
  4. Do not talk to fellow students during class.
  5. Try to be on time: I will (normally) start on time; late arrivals are distracting. I mark attendance at the beginning of the class. Proxy is not allowed.
  6. Switch off cellphones and other noisemakers.
  7. Observe academic integrity.