Dr V M Chariar
Centre for Rural Development and Technology • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Dr. Chariar's current work integrates the principles of sustainable design with the traditional knowledge available with the indigenous communities.

He focuses on how these principles manifest in the housing and sanitation space. He has worked with the Ministry of Rural Development to launch the Rural Housing Knowledge Network. In the field of Ecological Sanitation, he is one of the co-inventors of Zerodor, a waterless urinal solution being used by more than 500 organizations in India and Africa.

Design for Sustainability

He has invented products, organized conferences and workshops and led groups of researchers to imbibe the principles of sustainable design in everyday products.

Traditional Knowledge

He has followed artisans, forest dwellers, farmers and grandmothers as sources of traditional knowledge and created insightful courses, workshops and seminars.

Self Discovery

He delivers courses and JoyShops to help people experience joyous natural states. He also uses these principles to mentor his research students & young professionals.