UG courses

  1. ELL 212, Engineering Electromagnetics , Sem II (2017-2018)

    Here are some of my lecture notes from the course
    Antennas: Retarded potential derivation using Green's function, derivation of electric field and magnetic field radiated by short dipole antenna from retarded potential
    Antennas: Radiation parameters, Dipole antenna of finite length, Loop antenna
    Slides on radiation pattern of dipole and loop antennas of finite / large size
  2. ELL 201, Digital Electronics (Laboratory), Sem II (2016-2017)

  3. ELP212, Electromagnetics Laboratory, Sem I (2017-2018)

PG courses

  1. ELL 834, Special Topics in IEC-II: Spintronics, Semester I, (2017-2018)

    Course Contents: Motivation for nanomagnetsm and spintronics, Physics of paramagnetism, ferromagnetism, micromagnetics, domain walls and skyrmions, Application of nanomagnetism in technology, Use of spin torque in nanomagnetic technology, spin transfer torque, spin orbit torque, switching and domain wall and skyrmion motion driven by spin torque
    Here are my lecture notes/ slides from the course:
    Module1: Motivation for nanomagnetsm and spintronics
    Module2A: Physics of paramagnetism
    Module2B: Physics of ferromagnetism
    Module2B: Micromagnetics : Domain walls
    Module3: Application of nanomagnetism in technology
    Module4A: Spin Transfer Torque
    Module4B: Spin Orbit Torque
    Module4C: Spin torque driven domain wall motion