ELL 225 Control Systems

Time: Slot F, Lectures in LH410 TThF 11-11:50am, Tutorials in LH521 MTThF 1-2pm

TAs: Eswar, Jagdambika, Midhun, Prakhar, Rahul, Rajasree, Rishabh, Saurabh

Lecture notes



  • Assignment 1. Submit (on Moodle) a (printed/handwritten) report answering all the questions including relevant codes and plots by March 19th, 2019. There will marks for neatness of presentation.

Reference books

  • ‘Control Systems Engineering’, by Norman S. Nise. Wiley.

  • ‘Feedback Control of Dynamical Systems’ by G. Franklin, J. Powell, A.Emami-Naemi. Pearson.

  • ‘Modern Control Systems’ by R. C. Dorf, R. H. Bishop. Prentice Hall.

  • ‘Modern Control Engineering’ by K. Ogata. Pearson.