ELP 225: Control Engineering Lab

Time and Venue

Time: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (2-5pm) and Venue is Control Lab II214

Day Group Instructor TAs
Monday 3 Prof. Shaunak Sen Rajasree Sarkar, Midhun Augustine, Vinay Konanki, Abhilash Patel
Tuesday 4 Prof. I N Kar Abhilash Patel, Apeksha Tandon, Harshvardhan Siddharth, D Eswaravenkatakumar
Thursday 1 Prof. Deepak PatilD Eswaravenkatakumar, Midhun Augustine, Rajasree Sarkar, Surendra Yadav
Friday 2 Prof. Shubhendu BhasinVinay Konanki, Apeksha Tandon, Harshvardhan Siddharth, Surendra Yadav



Cycle-1 Experiments (Manuals):

Please note that the slides are just for your reference. Objectives of the experiments are bulleted and some questions are provided. Slides do not contain detailed procedures and connections of the experiments. For that you must ‘‘very carefully’’ read the manual for each experiment well ‘‘before’’ coming to your lab session.

Cycle-2 Experiments (manuals):