Operations Research LTP: 3+1+0


Unit I: Nonlinear Programming:

(15 Lecture)


Unit-II: Elements of Queuing models, role of exponential, pure birth and death models. Generalized Poisson Queuing models, Specialised Poisson Queues: Steady state measures of performance, single server model multi server models, machine servicing models-(M/M/R): (GD/K/K), R< K.

Replacement and maintenance models; gradual failure, sudden failure, replacement due to efficiency deteriorate with time, staffing problems, equipment renewal problems. (15 Lecture)


Unit-III: Project Scheduling by PERT-CPM


(15 Lecture)


Recommended Books:


1. Operations Research an Introduction –Hamady A. Taha, Prentice Hall.

2. Operations Research Theory and Applications-J.K.Sharma, Macmillan Publishers.

3. Non linear Programming –S.D. Sharma, Kedar Nath Ram Nath & Co.

4. Mathematical Programming Theory and Methods-S.M.Sinha.

5. Operations Research, - Kanti Swarup, P. K. Gupta and Man Mohan, Sultan Chand & Sons