Queuing Networks Modeling Virtual Laboratory

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Objectives of the QNM Virtual Lab

Queuing theory finds its origin in stochastic processes and is widely used in the fields of operations research, probability and statistics. It has a variety of applications ranging from chemical kinetics, dynamic systems to telecommunications, computer systems, wireless networks and financial mathematics. The sole objective of this virtual lab is to develop a software tool which helps the students to understand and visualize the concepts of queues and equip them with the necessary insight so as to apply queuing systems to real world problems. The aim of the project is to assist the learning process of queues for the undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds. Further, the purpose is to introduce students to experimentation, problem solving and familiarize them with different types of queues and the method of their analysis. Ordinarily this exposure would be helpful to students, and infact a layman, in viewing queue systems easily. The software is made user friendly to encourage the study.

List of Virtual Lab Experiments

  1. Markovian Queues (THREE)
  2. Non Markovian Queues (THREE)
  3. Discrete Time Queues (ONE)
  4. Queueing Networks (FOUR)
  5. Fluid Queues (ONE)

Virtual Lab Experiments

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