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Welcome to Ravikrishnanís Lab homepage,


About me;

I am an undergraduate from IIT Delhi and PhD from University of Florence, Italy. Trained as

biophysicist, now I am keenly learning optics to visualize micro-cosmos of biological world

and applying them in diagnostics.



My research is broadly focused on two aspects


Molecular motors: Molecular motors are class of proteins in living things that carry out various mechanical activities i.e., intracellular cargo transportation to muscle proteins that generate large scale movement. Understanding the mechanical nature of molecular motors is very interesting problem for us. Currently we have two projects going on in our lab

a.     Khusboo (Understanding ensemble behavior of Myosin II)

b.     Vidhu (Understanding bacterial flagellar motor)


Affordable diagnostics: Infectious disease contribute to 30 % of annual mortality in India. We need diagnostics technologies that can be useful in rural setting that too affordably. In my lab we are developing automated sample processing technologies and optics based detection platforms. Currently we have

a.     Saurabh Singh (Pathogen enrichment system)

b.     Vikas Pandey (Portable TIRF and Optical detection)

c.      Jyoti Sharma(Rapid genotyping of pathogens)

d.     Nudrat Huda (Rare cell detection system)