Books Authored

  A collection of Interesting General Chemistry Experiments,
Anil J. Elias
Universities Press, Hyderabad. Second edn. 2013, Revised edn. 2008

Basic Organometallic Chemistry: Concepts, syntheses and applications of transition metals
B.D. Gupta and Anil. J. Elias
First Edn. –Universities Press, Hyderabad 2010 International Edn.- CRC Press, 2010;

Second Revised edn. 2013, reprint- 2015


"The book is easy to read and with many descriptive sections will be accessible to beginning graduate and higher level undergraduate students. Students will also appreciate the effort that was made to provide many end of the chapter questions, complete with answers at the back of the book…….. It is rife with interesting little tidbits and anecdotes about discoveries, practical uses of complexes, and case studies. Separate stand-alone chapters on metal clusters, ferrocene: structure, bonding, and reactions, and organometallic polymers are, as far as I can tell, unique to this text and may be of interest to instructors who practice in these fields."
-David A. Vicic, Organometallics 2011, 30, 196–198

"The contents are a balanced selection of topics….. The coverage is extensive and up-to-date; the writing style is fresh, direct and unambiguous. The principles are brought out with clarity and apt illustrations…. The chemistry of ferrocene is summarized well through exhaustive reaction schemes. Topics in catalysis have been dealt with adequately and examples of industrial application of homogenous catalysis are highly commendable inclusions"
- Amitabha Sarkar, Current Science, 2010, 99, 1466-1467