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Welcome to AML702 Applied Computational Methods

Course Coordinator:

Dr Shriram Hegde, 

Room No. IV 346 Applied Mech. Dept, Ph: 2659-1231   


Course Locations

Theory class:III 342 (E-Slot)       Practicals: Design Optimization Lab IV 353 (TBA)

L-T-P and Credits:

3-0-2, 4 Credits

Attendance Policy:

Downgrading by one letter grade if the attendance falls below 75% and for audit pass (NP) a minimum of 75% of attendance is necessary

Course Objectives

This course aims to develop a practical approach to mathematical problem solving. The course will introduce to many commonly used tools and techniques in numerical work. Due emphasis will be placed on converting algorithms and techniques to working computer codes. Carefully designed examples will help in understanding the nuances of the numerical techniques and computer applications of the same.

Course Contents

4 credits (3-0-2)

Algorithms. Methods of undetermined coefficients. Numerical differentiation and integration. Solution of ordinary differential equations. Solution of linear and non-linear algebraic equations. Boundary value problems and initial value problems. Numerical solution of partial differential equations. Eigenvalue problems.