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Metabolic Regime Control for Production of Biotherapeutics, SERB, DST, PI

Continuous Processing for Production of Biotech Therapeutics (under UAY scheme), MHRD, Co-PI

Centre of Excellence for Bio-pharmaceutical Technology, DBT, Co-PI


Peer Reviewed Journals

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International Conferences

  1. S Kamthan, J Singh, K Banerjee, PK Roy Choudhury and J Gomes, Application of peripheral cornea from keratoplasty in cell culture, 3rd Annual International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology BIOTECH 2013, 18-19 March 2013, Singapore
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National Conferences

  1. Kumar S, Sharma A, Shrivastava N and Gomes J* (2008) Screening and Optimization of Carbon and Nitrogen Source for Increasing Lovastatin Production by Submerge Fermentation Using Aspergillus sp., Chemcon 2008, December 27-30, Chandigarh, 9 pages.

  2. Gomes J*, Trivedi P, Mittal A, Ghosh S and Sengupta B (2008) Metabolic Network Dynamics Using Genetic Circuits, Chemcon 2008, December 27-30, Chandigarh, 9 pages BPT 20..

Research Collaborations

Prof. Bhaskar Sengupta, Queens University, Belfast, UK

Prof. Sanjoy BhattacharyaUniversity of Miami, USA

Anurag S. Rathore, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi