james gomes


Ph. D

1. Ashutosh Pandey, Graded Boolean Networks in Biological Systems in progress.

2. Budhaditya Chaterjee, NFkB netwrok Modeling in progress.(Soumen Basak, NII Co-supervisor

3. Priyam Narain, ALS in Indian patients in progress.

4. Kamalika Banerjee, in the area of Virus-Host interaction in progress. (M. Banerjee, Suupervisor)

5. Viki R. Chopda, DIOLC of bioprocesses in progress. (Anurag S. Rathore, Chem Eng, Supervisor)

6. Hirdesh Kumar, Identification of drug targets and drugs for malaria based on network analysis, in progress (B. Jayaram Co-supervisor).

7. Aditya Padhi,Investigating the Functional Loss Mechanisms of Angiogenin Mutations in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis through Computational Prediction and Experimental Validation (submitted).

8. Suhash Vasaikar, Analysis of Neurodegenerative Disease Networks, Completed June 2014 (B. Jayaram Co-supervisor).

9. Kanchan Bala, Interaction of advanced glycation end products in diabetes, completed 2012.

10. Sanjay Kumar,Evaluation of antioxidant potential of Lovastatin an antihyperlipidimic drug in rats and its production, completed 2011.

11. Rajib Nayak,Controlling a Biological System Using Hybrid Neural, Completed 2010,

12. Ziauddin Ahmad,Suppression of sulphate reducing bacteria during the anaerobic digestion process, Completed Oct 2009..

13. Alok Kumar Malviya,Androstenedione Production by Biotransformation of Phytosterols, Completed Sep 2009.

14. Amalendu Prakash Ranjan, Alternative Control Strategies for Bioprocesses, Completed July 2009 .

15. Sanjay Sharma, Strain Improvement and Reactor Studies for the Production of Methionine by Corynebacterium lilium, Completed February 2001..


M. S. (Research)

1. Hardik Rajnikant Valera - Lovastatin Production by Solid State Fermentation Completed May 2004.

2. Bedilu Self Organizing Hybrid Neural Networks for Bioprocess Control, Completed July 2006.


M. Tech.

1. Juhi Pahwa Controller design for lovastatin production, May 2009.

2. Apoorve Khandelwal A computational method for designing photobioreactors, May 2009.

3. Nistha Agarwal Studying the characteristic properties of Escherichia coli cells during in vivo chaperone assisted folding of recombinant proteins (jointly with Dr. Tapan K Chaudhuri), 2007.

4. Pranjal Trivedi Pathway analysis for enhancing androstenedione bioconversion from beta phytosterol, 2007.

5. Akshay Mittal - Comparative study of lovastatin production in solid state and submerged cultivation, 2007.

6. Jaskeerat Singh - Systems Analysis of Urokinase Production by Human Kidney Cells, 2007.

7. Saksham Chandra Development of a Program employing Fractal Geometry to Predict the Possibility of a Neuron to be Cancerous, July 2006.

8. Akshun Gulati Study of the Effect of Amino acids on Tacrolimus Production by Streptomyces sp. (in collaboration with Biocon, Bangalore), July 2006.

9. Kartik Subramanian - Defining a Process Control Trajectory Using Metabolic Flux Analysis, 2005.

10. Nilesh Narvaraiya - Neuronal Circuits - Creation and Characterization, 2005.

11. Ritesh K. Sharma - Implementation of Multiple Neural Networks to Control the Production of Ethanol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 2004.

12. Gaurav Backliwal - A metabolic Flux Analysis for Enhancing Lovastatin Production by Aspergillus Flavipes, 2004.

13. Ajitabh Banerji - Alternative Strategies for the Operation of Solid State Reactors - Application to Lovastatin Production (in collaboration with Biocon, Bangalore) 2002.

14. Saurav Garg - Development of a Nonlinear Controller for the Production of L-Methionine by a Mutant strain of Corynebacterium lilium, 2002.

15. Ankur Bhatnagar - Solid State Bioconversion of Wheat Straw in a 200 Liter Vertical Reactor, December 2001.

16. Sandeep Pandey - Comparison of Control Strategies for L-Methionine Production by Corynebacterium lilium, 2001.

17. Shubhayu Basu - Study of Design Parameters in the Solid state bioconversion of Lignocellulosics by Phanerochaete chrysosporium, 2000.

18. Kapil Gadkar - Control of Yeast Fermentation using Neural Networks with On-line Weight Updating, 2000.

19. Sarika Mehra - Algorithm for On-line Updating of Real-Time Recurrent Network with Partial State Feedback for Bioprocess Control Implementation, 1999 (Best Thesis Award).

20. Sandeep Yadav - Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic biomass for Solid State Fermentation, 1998.

21. Nilie Goel - Modelling the Behaviour of Mammalian Cells Subjected to Physiological Stress, 1998.

22. Sonu Durgia - Adaptation of Mixed Culture to High Concentrations of Aqueous Chromium for Development of Biosensor,1998.

23. Navendu Jain - Nonlinear Temperature Controller for Aspartic Acid Production in Immobilized Cell Reactor, 1997.

24. Nirupam Mohar - Scale-up of Aspartic Acid Production in Immobilized Cell Reactor, 1997.

25. Neelabh Ranjan - Kinetics of Aspartic Production in Immobilized Cell Reactor, 1997.

26. Swapnil Bhargava - Degradation of Aromatic Nitrates using Mixed Culture, 1996.

27. Manish Sharma - Reconstruction of Penicillin Bioproduction with Dissolved Oxygen Measurement through Artificial Neural Networks, 1996.

28. Raheel Siddique - Artificial Neural Networks in Bioreactor Control, 1995.