About Joby Joseph

Dr. Joby Joseph is Professor in the Department of Physics, IIT Delhi, where he has been a teaching faculty since 1996. He holds Ph.D degree (1992) in Physics and M.Tech. degree (1988) in Applied Optics from IIT Delhi. He worked as Senior Optical Engineer at Aprilis Inc., Maynard, MA, USA from Dec. 2002 to Dec. 2003, towards the development of an ultra-high density holographic digital data storage device. He has carried out post-doctoral research at Kobe University, Japan from April 1993 to June 1995 and Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston, USA from June 1995 to July 1996.

Areas of Specialization

Optics and Photonics covering optical processing using photorefractive, biological and polymer materials, Fourier Optics, holographic data storage, optical pattern recognition, digital holography, optical data security, holographic lithography for photonic crystal fabrication & nano-photonics.

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD (Physics/Optics), 1992, IIT Delhi.
  • MTech (Applied Optics), 1988, IIT Delhi.
  • MSc (Physics), 1985, Gandhiji Univ.(S.B. College, Changanacherry), Kerala.

Research Experience

S.No Position Organization Period Research topic
1 Senior Scientific Officer Physics Dept., IIT Delhi Sept. 1992 - March 1993 Photon correlation studies
2 Post-Doc Fellow Faculty of Engg., Kobe University, Japan April 1993 - May 1995 Optical image processing using photorefractives
3 Post-Doc Fellow Univ. Massachusetts, Boston, USA June 1995 - July 1996 Optical computing and processing using bacteriorhodopsin
4 Lecturer Physics Dept., IIT Delhi July 1996 - Dec. 1999 Optical Pattern Recognition, Optical Neural Networks
5 Assistant Professor Physics Dept., IIT Delhi Dec. 1999 - Oct. 2006 Holographic Data Storage, Optical Encryption, Digital Holography
6 Associate Professor Physics Dept., IIT Delhi Oct. 2006 - April '2011 Holographic Data Search, Photonic Crystals, Holographic solar concentrators
7 Professor Physics Dept., IIT Delhi April '2011 - Present Photonic Crystals, Digital Holography, Optical tweezers
8 Researcher Univ. Massachusetts, Boston, USA June - July 1997
May - July 1998
June - July 2000
Optical information processing using bacteriorhodopsin and polymers
9 Researcher Faculty of Engg., Kobe University, Japan May - July 1999 Optical wave mixing in semiconductor materials
10 Senior Optical Engineer Aprilis Inc., MA, USA Dec. 2002 - Dec. 2003
June - July '04, '05, '06
June - Nov. 2007
July '08, May-Jul '09
Ultra High Density Holographic-Data Storage and Search,
Fingerprint Capture Device
Holographic concentrator
11 Visiting Professor School of Mech & Aero-Space Engg., NTU, Singapore June - July 2011 Interference lithography for photonic crystal fabrication
12 Visiting Professor EIIRIS, Toyohashi University, Japan Dec. 2011 Photonics
13 Visiting Professor BNERC, Toyo Univ., Japan 6/1/2012 Bio-imaging

Industry Experience

  • Worked as Senior Optical Engineer for Aprilis Inc., Maynard, MA, USA.
  • Development of next generation ultra-high density optical data storage technology using holography.
  • Three US PATENTS.