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List of M. Tech Student

S. No. Title Name of Student Year
1 Studies in laminar dispersion D. Singh 1977
2 Dispersion in helical coils A.K. Saxena 1978
3 Heat transfer in Packed bed N. K. Saxena 1978
4 Hydrodynamic studies in Bubble Column Annabalangam 1982
5 Studies on Motionless Axial Mixers S.P.V. Rao 1983
6 Dispersion in Porous Media Sunil Srivastava 1984
7 Diffusion and Reaction in Falling Film Reactors S.K. Singhal 1990
8 Hydrodynamics of Trickle bed Reactors A.K. Agrawal 1990
9 Pressure Drop and Mass Transfer in Static Mixers Praveer Joshi 1991
10 Studies on Multiphase Reactors Anil Saroha 1991
11 Studies on Multiphase Reactors A.K. Udainia 1992
12 Extraction Studies of Dibenz 1,4-oxazepine with modify mixer S.P. Dobhal 1993
13 Studies on coating of exploive crystals Rajiv Narang 1993
14 Characteristics of polypropylene films Pradip Halder 1994
15 RTD in static mixers Two Phase Flow Ravinder Kumar 1996
16 RTD study with tracer in Trickle Bed Reactor Shakti Sekra 1997
17 Study and optimization of the emulsification process using static mixers mixers emulsification process using static mixers Sankhaniloy Roy Chowdhury 1998
18 Evaluation on influence and interaction of the test reaction NaOH/CO2 on the hydrodynamics of two phase flow in Bubble Column Reactors. Prashant Tiwari In Association with University of Stuttgart DAAD Sandwiched Program 1999
19 Study of flow characteristics in Kenics static mixer at higher Reynolds number Pankaj Tiwari 2000
20 Numerical Simulation of Mixing in 2 and 3-Dimension Flow in Coherent Mixer SathiahPratap 2001
21 RTD studies in Trickle Bed Reactors Devender Singh Negi 2001
22 Kinetics Investigation of Transestrification reaction in Liquid/Liquid Phase Milind Joshi 2002
23 Liquid-phase Residence Time Distribution for 2-Phase Flow in a Kenics Static Mixers Kalyan(MS) 2002
24 Modelling and Simulation of an nth Order Reaction in a Packed Bed Reactor Manish Sharma 2002
25 Hydrodynamics in Bubble Column Bhawna Bhatia 2002
26 CFD Modeling of TBR Hydrodynamics Pravesh Kumar 2002
27 Performance of Kenics Static Mixer at Higher Reynolds number and Estimation of Single Phase RTD using CFD Vaibhav V. Shirke 2002
28 Study of Gas and Liquid Distribution in Trickle Bed Reactors and Modeling distributors using CFD Alapati V. Sudhakar 2003
29 Flow Stability in Channels Amit Varshnay 2003
30 Study of two-phase flwo distribution in Trickle-Bed Reactors and distributor modeling using CFD Nishith Dwivedi 2004
31 A homogeneous model for mass transfer enhancement in Gas-Liquid-Liquid systems based on penetration theory Hitesh Chawla 2004
32 Development of a heterogeneous model for mass transfer enhancement Arit Chaudhury 2004
33 CFD simulations of TED in helical coils Mohit Aggarwal 2005
34 Residence Time distribution for Two Phase Flow in Coiled Tube Tushar Srivastava 2006
35 Oil Water Two Phase Flow in Coiled Tube Alekh Gupta 2007
36 Heat Transfer Studies of non newtonian fluid in curved tubes Arvind Yadav 2007
37 Numerical Studies on Drop Dynamics Siddhartha F.Lunkand 2007
38 Studies of Viscoelastic fluid in Coil Flow Inverter Ankit Agarwal 2008
39 Extraction of Metals From Spent Catalyst Shina Goel 2008
40 Comparison of Coiled Flow inverter with shell and plate type heat exchanger Nidhi Gupta 2008
41 Mixing of Non Newtonian Fluids in Curved Tubes Amit Nagdewani 2008
42 Studies of Mass Transfer in Membrane Coil Flow Inverter Vaibhav srivastva 2009
43 Flow of Non Newtonian fluids through coiled flow inveter Vikrant 2010
44 Mass transfer Enhancement in Coiled Flow Inverter Nitin Sethiya 2010
45 Study of liquid liquid flow in straight pipes, helical coil and CFI Nikita Jain 2010
46 Analysis of three phase flow thorugh complex geometries like helical coils Ankur Gupta 2011
47 Flow of Viscoelastic fluids in complex geometries such as helical coils Ankit Khandelwal 2011
48 Chemical Engineering Lab in Space Ankit Agarwal 2012
49 Scale-up studies for extraction of heavy metals from spent catalyst using CFD Paridhi Khandelwal 2012
50 Investigation of Photocatalytic Reaction in Straight Tube, Helical Coil and Coiled Flow Inverter. Narendra Singh 2013
51 Studies on Multiphase Micro Reactors Sajal Jain 2013
52 Studies on Micro reactors Priya Meena 2013
53 Studies on interfacial phenomena in three phase system Abhay Rajurkar 2013
54 Extraction of precious metal from e-waste using chelation technology Prashant Jadhaor 2013
55 CFD of bent helical coil Surbhi Soni 2014

List of Ph.D Students

S.No. Name of Student Title Year
1. A. K. Saxena Laminar Dispersion in Helically Coiled Tubes 1982
2. M.W. Haque Studies on Hydrodynamics and Mixing in Bubble Columns 1987
3. U.T. Subramonia Pillai Studies on Particulate Dispersion Systems 1987
4. D.R. Saini Studies on Highly Filled Magnetic Polymeric Composites 1989
5. R.K. Srivastava Pollution of Aquatic System by Industrial Effluent and its Control 1993
6. (Mrs.) Shobha Agrawal Transport Phenomena of Non-Newtonian Fluid in Circular Curved Tube 1994
7. Om Prakash Studies on Laminar Dispersion 1995
8. A.K. Saroha Studies in Trickle Bed Reactors 1998
9. Arunabha Kundu Studies in Multiphase Reactors 2003
10. S. Chandra Pollution Abatement in Fertilizer Industries 2005
11. Subhashini Ghorai Two-Phase Flow in Coiled Flow Inverter 2008
12. Vimal Kumar Pilot Plant Study on Coiled Flow Inverters 2008
13. R. N. Maiti Multiphase reactors 2008
14. Raminder Kaur Studies in Bubble Column 2009
15. Monisha Mridha Studies on Bent Coils 2010
16. Arnab Atta CFD in Trickle Bed Reactor 2010
17. Jogendra Singh Studies on coiled flow inverter Registered in 2009
18. Garima Chauhan Removal of heavy metals from spent catalyst Registered in 2009
19. Loveleen Sharma Hydrodynamics In Inline Motionless Mixers Registered in 2010
20. Aakarsha Srivastava Studies on Tricke Bed Reactor Registered in 2011
21. Thameed Aijaz Modelling of packing of particles in a packed bed Registered in 2013
22. Vandana Kumari Jha Studies in Coiled flow Inverter Registered in 2015

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