Sunil Kumar, IIT Delhi


Light control in photonic structures, physics at nanoscale, two-dimensional materials, plasmonics, high-Tc superconductivity, topological insulators and other novel material systems, ultrafast and nonlinear optical processes, THz optics and spectroscopy, and low-temperature physics.

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Laboratory for materials devolopment:

Dedicated laboratory facilities are used for developing interesting material systems for our research. The nanoscale research facility and the central research facility at IIT Delhi house many high end material fabrication and characterization tools. Various materials synthesis techniques are used by the students in my group for their own research work. More recently, we have created a facility in our lab for developing ultrathin and ultrapure material structures by dc and magnetron sputtering. Currently, this thin film deposition system is being utilitized for developing hetrostrucures of magnetic/nonmagnetic metallic heterostructures for THz applications.

Liquid helium cryostat for low-temperature studies:

This facility has been created in our lab for our interests in various low temperature electrical and optical studies. Students get trained to use this very special tool for their research work. Recently, this particular tool has been used for studying low-temperature physics of carbon nanostructures and topological insulators. This particular device is currently being used in optical to terahertz frequency experiments on solids and two-dimensional materials.

Femtosecond Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Photonics Lab:

Femtosecond laser pulses at the visible and near infrared frequencies are used for exploring the nature of light-matter interaction at ultrafast time scales, exploring nonlinear optical processes in physical/chemical/biological species, and generation of new electromagnetic radiation at much different frequency regions by wave-mixing in certain media. We have recently created this research laboratory at IIT Delhi to cater the needs for ultrafast and nonlinear optics and spectroscopy, THz optics and spectroscopy, nonlinear optical physics, pulse shaping for coherent control, etc. The workhorse for all the above is an amplified femtosecond laser system. It consists of a high-rep rate oscillator, chirped pulse amplifier and an optical parametric amplifier. Currently, experiments developed in-house include femtosecond time-resolved spectrometer, THz time-domain spectrometer, optical pump THz probe time-resolved spectrometer and so on.



BSc: PDB Govt. PG. College Kotdwara Garhwal (HNBGU, Garhwal University, Uttarakhand)

MSc in Physics: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

PhD in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore


Postdoc: Department of Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science (2012-2015)

Faculty Member: Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (Since May 2015)

Joint Faculty: SeNSE, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (Since Nov 2019)