ELL319 – Digital Signal Processing

Instructor: Lalan Kumar (lkumar@ee.iitd.ac.in)
4 credits (3-0-1) :- 3 Lecture hours and 2 Lab. hours
Pre-requisite: ELL105 (Signal and Systems)
Fall semester 2017


  • There is no lab in the first week (24-28th July)

  • Term paper groups are ready and the relevant papers have been assigned.

Timings and location

  • Lectures: Tues, Fri : 5-6pm and Wed : 12-1pm (Slot K), LH 308

  • No tutorials


  • Discrete time signal processing by A. V. Oppenheim and R. W. Schafer, 3rd edition, 2014.

  • Digital signal processing: A computer based approach by S. K. Mitra, 4th edition, 2013.

Teaching Assistants

Note:- Any email to the TAs or instructor must have ELL319 in the subject line.