What`s New
  • 1. Our Universal Emergency Response project has been selected for DISA 2017, congrates to Roshan, Mayank and Parth!
  • 2. Space for Multichannel Signal Processing (MSP) lab has been provided in MS 201.
  • 3. Two accepted papers at Euronoise 2018, Congrates to Deepika and Prabhanshu.

Dr. Lalan Kumar
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
New Delhi - 110016

Welcome to my homepage

My area of research is array signal procesing. My current researh interest is application of array processing in speech, biomedical and defence. I am looking for motivated students from reputed colleges to work with me. Interested candidates can contact me by email.


+91-11-2659-7253 (O)
+91-11-2659-7553 (R)


Room No. II-413C, Dept. of EE
IIT Delhi, New Delhi – 110016