Multichannel Signal Processing Laboratory

  • Prof. Boaz Rafaely visiting IIT Delhi
  • APSIPA 2018 Presentation
  • Invited Speaker in EEG Summer School, IIIT Delhi
  • EURONOISE 2018 Presentation
  • Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM 2018)
    Poster Presentation
Latest News
  • 1. Looking for PhD/Postdoc candidate willing to work in the area of "Brain Machine Interface System for Exosuit", jointly with Prof. Sitikantha Roy
  • 2. Prof. Lalan Kumar delivers invited lecture in Summer School on EEG analysis and Allied Technologies, IIIT Delhi
  • 3. Amita has accepted paper in OHBM 2018 and APSIPA 2018
  • 4. Two accepted papers at Euronoise 2018, Congrats Deepika and Prabhanshu.
  • 5. Prof. Lalan Kumar receives Early Career Research Award from SERB.
  • 6. Amita receives the most prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF) award, Congrats Amita.

Welcome to Multichannel Signal Processing Laboratory!

Welcome to the IIT Delhi's Multichannel Signal Processing Laboratory headed by Dr. Lalan Kumar. Our multidisciplinary research group uses theoretical and experimental array processing techniques for source localization, tracking, separation and reconstruction. The application area includes speech, bio-medical and radar. Owing to the presence of sensor array in virtually every signal processing discipline and application, the Multichannel Signal Processing has expanded beyond its traditional antenna array processing roots. Consequently, there is a considerable overlap with various application areas that include acoustics, radar and bio-medical signal processing. A major thrust of our lab is on technology and, development of devices that will improve the quality of life. We are open to collaboration with other research groups working with multi-sensor systems.