Our Team

Head of the Lab
  • Dr. Lalan Kumar
    Assistant Professor


    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
    New Delhi - 110016
  • place Post Doctoral

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  • place Ph.D. Students
    • Deepika Kumari
      Spherical Array Processing
    • Amita Giri
      EEG Dipole Source Localization
  • place M.Tech. Students
    • Balakrishna Goud
      Audio Zooming with limited Number Of Sensors in Smartphone
    • Yashashvi Chand
      Time Domain Audio Zooming in Smartphone
    • Shefali Gupta
      Beamforming in Presence of Spatially Spread Sources
  • place B.Tech. Students
    • Anshul Yadav
      Spherical Harmonics Represenation of HRTFs
    • Akash Keshari
      Spherical Harmonics Represenation of HRTFs
  • place Alumni
    Name Thesis Title Current Position
    Narendra Kumar Mishra FDM based Single Channel Speech Enhancement for Audio Zooming (2018) DRDO
    Umesh Gupta Second Order Statistics Based Beamforming For Audio Zooming Intel
    Prabhanshu Pandey Noise Modelling for the Study of Audio-zooming System in the Smartphone Intel
    K. Vijith Varma Robust Audio Zooming System Using Smartphone in Presence of Non-Gaussain Signals C-DoT
    Anant Khandelwal Two Channel Robust Audio Zooming System for Smartphone (2018) IPSoft Global Services
  • Boaz Rafaely

    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    Beer-Sheva 84105
Research Partners

We are working closely with Samsung Research Institute and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in doing state of the art research on cutting edge of technology.