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28th june, 2010





IIT Delhi


Under the Aegis of



Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT)


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi




Recent devastations due to fire outbreaks in residential and industrial structures and complexes across the nation have triggered widespread debate on urgent need to educate engineers about structural fire engineering.

    This one-day short course will focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of the fire engineering and safety. The speakers will initiate an introduction to the concepts of the fire engineering, safety and will present recent technological advancements. The response of steel and concrete during fire and necessity of considering the effects of fire in the design of structures will discussed, along with strategies for enhancing their fire performance.

    The course will focus on the behavior and analytical modeling of structural systems under extreme fire conditions and material properties at elevated temperatures. The guidelines for fire resistance design of structural systems, evaluating fire response of high-performance materials will be presented. Latest philosophy on the performance-based fire safety design and analysis of structures and building collapse investigations will be discussed.

    Changes due to elevated temperatures in the mechanical properties of construction materials, such as steel, concrete and advanced engineered materials viz. fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) used in structures will be discussed. The effect on design of structures with such changes in the material properties at elevated temperatures will be covered.

    It is also intended to introduce the fire hazard in buildings to engineers and necessary mitigation measures. Building service requirements for protection against fire hazard will be explained with reference to the standards and codes of practice.

    The latest revision of the Indian standard code of practice for general construction in steel (IS 800, 2007) has devoted entire Section 16 on Fire Resistance. The code provisions will be explained and examples will be covered to design steel structural elements to exhibit desired fire-resistance level (FRL).

    Software used in the analysis and design of building components subjected to fire will be introduced. The software introduced will be useful to the practicing structural design engineers as well as researchers working in the area of structural fire engineering.




·        Fire Engineering and Safety Concepts.

·         Performance-Based Fire Engineering.

·         Fire Response of Steel, Concrete and FRP.

·         Fire Hazard and Mitigation in Buildings.

·         Features in IS 800-2007 for Fire Design.

·         Software Tools in Fire Engineering.




Prof. Venkatesh Kodur, Civil and Env. Eng. Michigan State University (MSU), USA.

Prof. Bishwajit Bhattacharjee, Civil Eng. IIT Delhi.

Dr. Gurmail S. Benipal, Civil Eng. IIT Delhi.

Dr. Vasant A. Matsagar, Civil Eng. IIT Delhi.




·         Practicing civil, mechanical and structural design engineers - government and private.

·         Design engineers and planners of the industrial plants and facilities.

·         Faculty members of engineering colleges.

·         Scientists and officers from government R&D organizations and ministries.

·         Research scholars and post-graduate students.




Date      : 28th June, 2010.

Venue   : Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi.




Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousands Only) per participant. The fee is payable by DD/Cheque (Delhi A/C) in favor of “FITT, IIT Delhi”. The fees cover substantial printed course material and a compact (CD) along with local hospitality.




This is a non-residential program. The participants are expected to make their own arrangements for stay. Subject to availability, the organizers will try to book accommodation on payment basis within the Guest Houses of IIT Delhi, if requested sufficiently in advance through the Registration Form.

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