MEL 120: Manufacturing Practices

First Semester 2012-13


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Syllabus, books and course plan                                                        Attendance                  PMT                                                           

Introduction                                                                                     Re-Minor 2        Poster and viva voce

History of manufacturing and Production systems (2 Lectures)    pdf file

Manufacturing Materials    pdf file

Mechanical Properties of Materials    pdf file

Metal casting (3 Lectures)    pdf file 

Phase diagrams and heat treatment     pdf file

Fundamentals of metal forming processes   

Various metal forming processes (2 Lectures)    pdf file

Welding and allied processes (3 Lectures)    pdf file

Machining operations and machine tools (2 Lectures) pdf file

Tool angles, chip formation and temperature during machining, tool life (doc file)

Cutting tool materials and cutting fluids

Mechanization and Automation (doc file)

Grinding and related abrasive processes

Non-traditional machining processes (slides, doc file

Fundamentals of Plastic Part Manufacturing (doc file)

Plastic part manufacturing (2 Lectures) (Slides, doc file)

Measurement and Inspection (Slides, doc file)

Process Engineering and Product Engineering

Rapid Prototyping (Slides, pdf file)