Selected Management & Administrative Responsibilities of Past & Present


         Coordinator, Innovation Center

         Head, Central Workshop

         Convenor, Institute Vision Document Preparation Committee

         Institute Coordinator, Design/Practical Experience related Courses

         Coordinator, Institute Central Facility on Rapid prototyping

         Chairman, I2Tech, IIT Delhi Open House

         Programme Officer, NSS (National Service Scheme)

         Convenor, Professorial Committee, Department of Mechanical Engineering

         Convenor, Departmental Research Committee, Department of Mechanical Engineering

         Programme Coordinator, M. Tech. (Production Engineering)

         Advisor to Foreign Students, Mechanical Engineering Department

         Member, Technology Business Incubation Unit, FITT, IIT Delhi

         Member, Center Research Committees of Khosla School of Information Technology, National Resource Center for Value Education in Engineering & Instrument Design & Development Center (IDDC)

         Member, Program Evaluation Committee, M.Des. Programme