Contributed to designing following courses

        Introduction to Engineering (NIN 100)

        Product Realization (MEP 101)

        Design, Innovation & Manufacturing (MEP 202)

        Design/Practical Experience (NDN XXX)

        Inclusive Innovation (HUL 714)

        Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCL 794)

        Design for Manufacture & Assembly (MEL 434)

        Entrepreneurship (MCL 759)

        Medical Device Design (BML 7XX)


Design/Practical Experience

A new curriculum initiative for undergraduate students to earn 5 mandatory Design/Practical Experience credits as a graduation requirement.

Contributions to video and course material development

        Video recorded 13 lectures of course CAD/CAM as a course coordinator under NPTEL Programme.

        Developed 3 web modules (consisting of 15 chapters) of CAD/CAM course as a part of NPTEL programme.

        Developed course material for IGNOU (4 Units titled Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Reverse Engineering & Co-ordinate Measuring Machine), 2003.

        Recorded two video lectures for IGNOU titled "Virtual Manufacturing & Distributed Manufacturing" which were telecast on Gyan Darsan & Doordarsan TV Channels.