Ph.D. Students (Past & Present)


A B Koteswara Rao, Analysis and Design of Hexaslide Manipulators for Machine Tool Applications, 2004. (Co-Supervisor: S K Saha)

Kolla V Ramana, Development of an Automated Manufacturability Evaluation System for Sheet Metal Components, 2005.

V S Rao, Tool Deflection Compensation in Peripheral Milling of Curved Geometries, 2006.

Jatinder Madan, An Automated Approach to Manufacturability Assessment of Die Cast Parts, 2007 (Co-supervisor: T K Kundra)

Ali Rahmani Hanzaki, Design Analysis and Optimization of Automobile Steering System, 2008 (Co-supervisor: S K Saha)

Prashant Jain, Improvement of Part Strength in Selective Laser Sintering, 2009 (Co-supervisor: P M Pandey)

Senthilkumaran, Experimental Investigations and Shape Realizability Studies in Selective Laser Sintering, 2009 (Co-supervisor: P M Pandey)

Kaushal Desai, Studies on Process Modelling in Machining of Curved Geometries, 2011

T C Bera, Studies on Tool/Workpiece Deflections in Peripheral Milling of Tubular Geometries, 2011

G Kiran, Lean Design of Machine Tool Structures, 2015 (Co-Supervisor: T K Kundra)

Tesfaye Molalign, Cutter Deflection Compensation in Micromilling (ongoing)

Sumer Singh, Environment Benign Product Packaging (ongoing) (Co-Supervisor: Jyoti Kumar)

Piyush Chanana, Electronic Travel Aid for Persons with Visual Impairment (ongoing) (Co-Supervisor: M Balakrishnan)

Arun Unnikrishnan, Energy Based Process Planning (ongoing)

Richa Gupta, Designing Tactile Diagrams by Understanding Tactile Perception (ongoing) (Co-Supervisors: M Balakrishnan and Steven Mannheimer, IUPUI)

Sachin Tanwar, Accessible Design of Websites and Apps for Visually Challenged (ongoing).

Kanika Jolly, Design of Functional Clothing for Motorcyclists (ongoing) (Co-Supervisor: Deepti Gupta)