Contribution to Product/Process Development Activities in Teams


        CaliberNC: a machine tool volumetric error compensation system for CNC machines (with S.K. Saha) Technology Developed and Implemented at BHEL.

        Smartcane: An affordable electronic travel aid for visually impaired (Joint Effort of Assistech Lab, IIT Delhi + Phoenix Medical Systems, Chennai + Saksham Trust, New Delhi and Wellcome Trust, UK) Technology Transferred to Phoenix Medical Systems, Chennai; Product is available in Market

        User triggered bus identification and homing system for visually challenged (with Assitech Group lead by M Balakrishnan) Technology Scaling up is underway after successful user trials.

        Affordable Tactile Diagrams for Viually Challenged Technology is in use at multiple places.

        Development of a novel assay to determine membrane permeability of new chemical entities and drugs (Advisory Role) An IIT Madras Start-up under BIG (BIRAC).

        Refreshable Braille Display Using Shape Memory Alloy (With Pranay Jain, Anshul Kumar, Ankit Kumar, Pulkit Sapra, Dhruv Gupta, Rohan Paul and M Balakrishnan) Technology Transferred to Phoenix Medical Systems, Chennai.

        Flexicast: A Breathable, Washable And Customized Cast For Immobilization Of Fractured Limb (Advisory Role) Technology Transferred to JC Orthoheal Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat A start-up under BIG (BIRAC)

        Affordable External Prosthesis for Breast Cancer patients (Advisory Role) User Trials are Underway - A start-up under BIG (BIRAC).

        Device and Method for Biopsy (With Stanford India Biodesign fellows & AIIMS) Technology Transferred to IndioLabs, Bangalore

        Device for Comprehensive Ascites Management (With Stanford India Biodesign fellows & AIIMS) Technology Transferred to IndioLabs, Bangalore


Patents Filed


        145/DEL/2003 dated 19/02/2003 Trenchless Steerable Drilling System

        993/DEL/2008 dated 17/04/2008 Variable Length Rack & Pinion System

        2177/DEL/2008 dated 17/09/2008 Low pressure block manifolds without construction plug

        1691/DEL/2009 dated 13/08/2009 Fabricating more accurate sls prototypes and tailoring properties in rapid prototypes

        1669/DEL/2012 dated 31/05/2012 A system for generating refreshable tactile text and graphics

        3839/DEL/2012 dated 12/12/2012 Abdominal paracentesis device

        3853/DEL/2012 dated 13/05/2013 Radial inward compression of a lumen

        3881/DEL/2012 dated 14/12/2012 Device and method for biopsy

        388/DEL/2014 dated 12/02/2014 A split grip cane handle unit with tactile feedback for directed ranging

        1729/DEL/2014 dated 28/06/2014 A multi-modal infotainment device for interactive braille learning

        1575/DEL/2014 dated 10/06/2014 A compliant mechanism for refreshable braille display using shape memory alloy

        3237/DEL/2014 dated 08/11/2014 A breathable and customized cast for immobilization of fractured limb

         1760/DEL/2015 dated 12/06/2015 A wearable device for reading tactile graphics