Courses Teaching in the Current Semester (January-May 2018)

 MSV 804: Special Topics in Operations Management (MBA: Operations Management Specialization + Ph.D.  Scholars + B.Tech.)

 MSL 728: International Telecommunication Management (M. Tech. +MBA: Telecommunication Technology & Management)

Courses Taught in the Last Semester (July-December 2017)

MSL 843:  Logistics & Supply Chain Management (MBA: Full time +  PhD Scholars)

MSL 805: Services Operations Management (MBA: Full time +  PhD Scholars)


A Few Recognitions & Rewards for Teaching Contributions

1.  Recipient of MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARD at Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior for his eminence in Management Education, Research, Consulting, Training and Education Administration, possessing vast experience of Professional Education Administration and Mentoring Business Organizations, for being an accomplished author on the issues of International Supply Chain Management besides being a distinguished and prominent Academician on the occasion of 6th PIMG International Conference. (Awarded on January 10, 2015).

2.  Recipient of NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL AWARD for BEST PROFESSOR IN OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 2012 on 14th December 2012 at Taj Ambassador Hotel New Delhi, Sponsored by Headline Today.

3.  Recipient of award for BEST PROFESSOR IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT on 29th June, 2012 by WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS, Global Awards (For Excellence in Education Leadership & Teaching) at Taj Lands End Hotel Mumbai, Sponsored by Central Bank of India.

4.  Recipient of Dr. HARI SINGH GOUR AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MANAGEMENT TEACHING in 5th IES National Teachers' Excellence Awards-2011 (Awarded on December 13, 2011).


List of Other Courses Taught


Courses taught/teaching  at I.I.T. Delhi


Courses taught/teaching  at I.I.T. Delhi (e-Learning Courses)

Courses taught at AIT (Thailand, Vietnam & Laos)

Other Engineering Courses taught earlier (But, I have stopped teaching these subjects)
Industrial Engineering & Management (1982-83; 1991-95), Computer Aided Manufacturing (1999), Engineering Economy & Management (1991-96), Operations Research (1983, 1999), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (1999), Production Technology-I & II, Workshop Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Engineering Thermodynamics, Mechanical Drawing, Engineering Drawing, Machine Design,  etc.

Executive Training Courses
Taught several short courses for Industry Executives on Recent Trends in Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Materials Management, Operations Management, Modeling and Optimization, Telecom Systems Management, Industrial Engineering, Forecasting, System Analysis, Six sigma and Balance Scorecard, etc.