Ph.D. Supervision & Guidance (50 Completed till date)

Operations & Supply Chain Area

1.       M.S. Darghalu: Development and analysis of heuristics in the design and planning of cellular manufacturing systems (2003a)

2.      V. K. Khanna: T.Q.M. in automobile sector: A system dynamics approach (2003b)

3.      M. D. Singh: Study of select issues in knowledge management practices in Indian industries (2003c)

4.      S. Jharkharia: IT-enabled supply chain management: studies in Indian industries (2004)

5.      Ashish Agarwal: Studies of select issues in responsiveness and agility of supply chain (2005)

6.      V. Ravi: Select issues in reverse supply chain (2006a)

7.      Manoj Kumar: Modeling vendor related issues in a supply chain (2006b)

8.      N. Faisal: Select study in risk management in supply chain (2007a)

9.      Shiri Gandhi: A select study of IT-enabled sourcing of services to India (2007b)

10.  Vanita Ahuja: IT-enhanced communication Protocol for building Project Management by Small and Medium Enterprises in the Indian Construction Industry; (2007c), Co-supervisors: Prof. Jay Yang & Prof. Martin Skitmore (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)

11.    Asif Hasan: Study of Agility in Advanced Manufacturing Systems, (2008a)

12.   Tilak Raj: Studies of Select issues in Enablers and Barriers of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (2008b)

13.   M. Ilyas: Some issues in value chain management in public sectors of India, (2009a)

14.   Akhilesh Barve: Studies of Select issues in Agility of Supply Chains (2009b)

15.    Rakesh Kumar Mudgal: Integrating Environmental Concerns in Key Business Processes of Indian Manufacturing Sector, (2009c)

16.   Parikshit Charan: Studies of Select issues in Performance Management in Supply Chains (2010a)

17.   V. C. Pandey: Select Issues of Supply Chain Management in the Advanced Manufacturing Systems (2010b)

18.   Rohit Joshi: Studies of Select issues of cold supply chain management in India; (2010c)

19.   R. Ramesh: Studies of Select issues in Retail Supply Chains in India (2011a)

20.   Ashish Soti: Modeling and Analysis of Six Sigma System in Manufacturing: (2012a)

21.   Pravin Kumar: Studies of Select issues in Global Supply Chains (2012b)

22.   Preeti Nigam: Environmental Orientation of Supply Chain: Antecedents and Consequences (2014a)

23.   Ravinder Kumar: Supply chain Issues for SMEs in India (2014b)

24.   Krishnendu Shaw: Development of low carbon supply chain in global context: A study of select industry (2014c)

25.   Devendra Choudhary: The Value of Consignment Stock and Vendor-managed Inventory Beyond Information Sharing (2014d)

26.   Aradhana Gandhi: Study of Supply Chain Management Practices of Organized Retail (2015)

27.     Mahesh Chand: Study of Select Issues of Uncertainty and Risk Management in Supply Chain (2016a)

28.   Tushar Raheja: Modeling Traffic Congestion- To Wait or to be Late (Co-supervisor: Prof. Kiran Seth) (2016b)

29.   Seema Shukla: “Food Safety and related issues in Supply Chain Management” ; Co-supervisor: Dr. S. P. Singh (2017a)

30.  Ajay Kumar: “Big data pre-processing solutions for telecom and manufacturing specific use cases” (2017b)

31.  Namrata Sharma:  “Agility in PDS Supply chain through ICT Intervention"; Co-advisor Prof PRS Sarma & Prof. Sumeet Gupta (IIM Raipur) (2018a)

32.  Sanjay Kumar Prasad:  “Study of Select Issues in Cloud-based Services Supply Chain" (2018b)

33.  Pallab Biswas: "Analysis of Reconfigurability Paradigm in Supply Chain" [Co-supervisor: Prof. Pulak M Pandey, MED] (2018c) 

34.  Sourish Acharia: "Study of Select Issues in Knowledge Management in New Product Development" (2018d) 

Other Inter-disciplinary Areas

35   Nirmal Kumar: Rural housing development, Technology transfer and linkages: Studies in select Indian villages (2008c)
36.    Sanjay: Knowledge Management Practices in Indian IT Sector, (2009d)
37.    Roma Mitra Debnath: Modeling Quality Issues in Curriculum Development in Technical Education in India (2010d)
38.   Ashish Kumar: A select study of diffusion in wireless services in India (2011b)
39.   Dimpal Grover: A select study of ethical behavior and corporate governance in India (2011c)
40.   S. P. Ketkar: A Study of select issues in mobile payment (2013)
41.   K. K. Bhattacharya: Studies of Select issues in Knowledge Management of Education Institutions of Higher Learning (2014e)
42.   Muktesh Chander: Study of information security and cyber crime in India (2014f)
43.   Abhay Bhadani: Mobile Services Adoption in Indian Telecom Sector; Co-supervisor: Dr. D. Vijay Rao (2016c)
44.   Jadumani Jena: A Study on Smartphone Manufacturing Ecosystem In India; Co-Supervisor: Prof. M. P. Gupta (2017a)
45.    Monisha Oberoi: Select Study of Issues Related to Transformational Outsourcing in Information and Telecommunication Technology (2017b)
45.  Dhanya Jothimani: Portfolio Optimization in Indian Stock Market: A study using Financial Analytics; Co-supervisor: Prof. Surendr S. Yadav (2017c)
46.  Vineet Sehgal, "Critical success factors for mobile virtual network operators in Indian telecommunication industry"; Co-supervisor: Dr. Mahim Sagar  (2018e) 

PhD. Thesis Submitted (2018)

48.  Bijoyananda Mishra: "Growth of value added services in Indian Telecom Industry: A Diagnostic Study"   (2018f)
 49.  Arun Purohit: "Green lot-sizing and Supplier Selection Under Dynamic Random Demand" 
50.  Ashish Kumar Kaushal: "Modeling Operational Issues in Humanitarian Supply Chains"  (2018h) 
PhD. Thesis To Be Submitted Soon (In March-April 2018) 
51.  Monika Sharma: "A Select Study of User Perception Towards Smartphone EMF & ITS IMPACT on Telecom Business" [To be submitted soon]