Details of Theses Supervised

1. Ph.D.

  1. Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay (1997), Title of Thesis: On Units in Group Rings
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. V. Vetrivel)

  2. Dr. Basudeb Dhara (2004), Title of Thesis: Prime and Semi Prime Rings Satisfying Certain Functional Identities
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. D. Srivastava)

  3. Dr. Sujit Kumar Samanta (2005), Title of Thesis: Analysis of Finite- Buffer Vacation and Non-Vacation Discrete-Time Queueing Systems
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. U. C. Gupta)

  4. Dr. Manju Khan (2006), Title of Thesis: Unit Group of Group Algebras
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J.B. Srivastava)

  5. Dr. Megha Gupta (2008), Title of Thesis: Weight of a Group and Units in Group rings
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. B. Srivastava)

  6. Dr. Kanchan Joshi (2008), Title of Thesis: *-Prime and strongly Prime Group Algebras and the Corresponding radicals
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. B. Srivastava)

  7. Dr. Pooja (2010), Title of Thesis: Unit Group of Rings and Group Rings

  8. Dr. Balchand (2011), Title of Thesis: On Derivations of Rings and Group Rings

  9. Dr. S. Ramasamy (2011), Title of Thesis: On Trace and Dual Basis for Cryptography
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  10. Dr. Dhirendra Singh Yadav (2012), Title of Thesis: On Bases of Finite Fields for Cryptography
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  11. Dr. Sachin Kumar (2012), Title of Thesis: Design and analysis of visual secret sharing schemes

  12. Dr. Anand Joshi (2013), Title of Thesis: On Boolean Functions in the Context of Coding Theory and Cryptography
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. S. Gangopadhyay)

  13. Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Dubey (2014), Title of Thesis: Geophysical flow simulations with geodesics hexagonal meshes
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. O. P. Sharma)

  14. Dr. Alok Mishra (2014), Title of Thesis: On the normal bases over finite fields
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  15. Dr. Neha Makhijani (2014), Title of Thesis: Units in finite group algebras
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. B. Srivastava)

  16. Dr. Swati Sidana (2015), Title of Thesis: Units in finite loop algebras of RA and RA2 loops

  17. Dr. Dinesh Udar (2016), Title of Thesis: On group rings with certain restricted conditions

  18. Dr. Shailesh Kumar Tiwari (2016), Title of Thesis: Identities involving Generalised Derivations in prime and semiprime rings

  19. Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma (2016), Title of Thesis: MacWilliams type identities for bsome new weight enumerators and their aplications
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Anuradha Sharma)

  20. Dr. Swati Maheshwari (2017), Title of Thesis: Finitely presented groups and units in group rings

  21. Dr. Vishal Kumar yadav (2017), Title of Thesis: Identities related to derivations in certain rings

  22. Dr. Parvesh Lathwal (2017), Title of Thesis: Jordan Regular Units in Rings and Group Rings

  23. Dr. Yogesh Kumar (2017), Title of Thesis: Properties of crypto- graphic primitives: Integer recurrence relations and permutations.

  24. Dr. Anju (2017), Title of Thesis: On Primitive Normal Elements Over Finite Fields

  25. Dr. Chirag Garg (2017), Title of Thesis: On Identities With Derivations In Prime And Semiprime Rings

  26. Dr. Deep Chandra Mishra (2018), Title of Thesis: On Security Of Two Dimensional Data (Image Data & Video Data)

  27. Dr. Reetu Siwach (2018), Title of Thesis: Associated Lie Algebras Of Group Algebras

  28. Dr. Rohit Gupta (2018), Title of Thesis: Permutation Polynomials over Finite Fields

  29. Dr. Harish Kumar Sahu (2018), Title of Thesis: Cryptoanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers using ROBDDs and SMT Solvers

  30. Dr.Ambrish Awasthi (2018), Title of Thesis: Primitive Transformation Shift Registers and Primitive Elements over Finite Fields

2. M.Tech.

  1. Mr. V. P. Rathore (1989), Title: Management System for Juvenile Justice Act

  2. Mr. Arun Kumar Singh (1989), Title: Generalized Shortest Path, Optimal Ranking and Graphical Display of Network

  3. Mr. M. M. Sahoo (1999), Title: Group Theoretical Methods in Image Understanding.

  4. Mr. N. Panigrahi (2000), Title: Tessellation of 2-D Planar Domain with Holes and Surfaces

  5. Mr. D. Sathiah (2002), Title: Digital Signature Algorithms
    (Joint Supervisor: Prof. U. C. Gupta)

  6. Miss. M. Rajyalaksmi (2002), Title: Turbo Decoding Product Codes as Component Codes
    (Joint Supervisor: Prof. U. C. Gupta)

  7. Mr. Raja Somen (2004), Title: Group Rings

  8. Mr. Vipin K Yerra and Rajesh Kumar (2004), (Joint Project) Title: Cryptography: Algebraic Aspects

  9. Miss. Sreyasee Das (2005), Title: Cryptography-Number Field Sieves

  10. Mr. Raghav Bansal (2005), Title: Braid Group Cryptography

  11. Mr. Ripudaman Singh Bhadoria and Ratan Lal Meena (2005), (Joint Project) Title: Algebraic Codes

  12. Mr. Amit Chauhan and Udit Kapur (2005), Title: Number Field Sieve (Joint Mini Project)

  13. Mr. Himanshu Agarwal and Shwetank Anand (2006), (Joint Project) Title: k-edge Connectivity Augmentation Problems in Graphs
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  14. Mr. Aditya Singh Hada (2006), Title: SECOQC
    (Co Supervisor: Prof. Juergen Pilz)

  15. Mr. Anil Singh (2006), Title: Quantum Cryptography (Mini Project)

  16. Mr. Pratap Chandra Mishra (2007), Title: Applications of Finite Fields to Cryptography

  17. Anil Singh (2007) Title: Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography

  18. Udit Kapoor (2007), Title: Cryptography and Discrete Logarithm Problem

  19. Mr. Gaurav Singhal and Nishith (2007), (Joint Project, Part-I) Title: Discrete Log Problem in 2 Power Fields
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Pragya Jain)

  20. Mr. Gaurav Singhal and Nishith (2008), (Joint Project, Part-II) Title: Land Use Optimization and Analysis for Sustainable Food Security
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Pragya Jain)

  21. Mr. Kr Gaurav Parmar (2008), Title: Security in Finance
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. V. N. Sastry)

  22. Sudeep Mathur, (2008), Title: Cryptography: Block Ciphers

  23. L. Kumaraswamy, (2008), Title: Cryptography and Discrete Logarithm Problem

  24. Asifa Sunar (2008), Title: Implementation of some Cryptographic Algorithms

  25. V. V. K. Iyangar (2008), Title: Finding Algebraic Square Root for the General Number Field Sieve

  26. Mr. Sandeep Grewal and Rohan Kaushal (2008), (Joint Mini Project) Title: Discrete Log Problem: A Study
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Pragya Jain)

  27. Ankur Goyal (2009), Title: Primality Testing

  28. John Krishna (2009), Title: Integer Factorization in Cryptography

  29. Keshav Pratap Singh (2009), Title: Discrete Logarithm and Cryptography

  30. Brij Mohan (2009), Title: Elliptic Curve Based Cryptosystems

  31. Balwant Kumar Singh (2010), Title: Secure Electronic Payment Protocol

  32. Avdesh Kumar Tomar (2010), Title: Implementation of Quadratic Sieve

  33. Ch.Vamshi Krishna (2010), Title: Sieving in Coppersmith Algorithm over GF(2n)

  34. Pradyumna T. (2010), Title: Coppersmith Algorithm over GF(2n)

  35. Pradep Kumar (2010), Title: Implementation of Cost Effective Symmetric Key Algorithm in Web Security

  36. Subodh S Jamgade & Sumit Gupta (2010), Title: Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using CRyptographic Techniques

  37. Nupur Agarwal & Kuldeep Sharma (2010), Title: Steganography and Palmprint Authentication

  38. Ms. Soniya (2011), Title: Applications of finite field in Cryptography

  39. Mr. Deep Chandra Mishra (2011), Title: Perfect and Representation of Finite Groups

  40. Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta (2011), Title: System of Linear Equation over Finite Field.

  41. Mr. Sanjay Goplani (2011), Title: Groebner Basis and its Applications

  42. Mr. Rahul singh (2011), Title: Braid Group Cryptography

  43. Mr. P. Dhanamjeyulu (2011), Title: Factorization of polynomials over GF(p)

  44. Mr. Nishant Agarwal (2011), Title: Counting Points on Elliptic Curves

  45. Mr. Nagaraju.L (2012), Title: Applications Of Groebner Basis In Cryptography

  46. Mr. Mohmad Amir (2012), Title: Study Of Digital Signature Schemes

  47. Mr. Satendrapal Singh (2012), Title: Elliptic Curve Cryptography And Its Applications

  48. Mr. Jarar Ahmed (2012), Title: Quantum Cryptography

  49. Mr. Jagat Singh (2012), Title: Study Of Linear System Of Equations

  50. Mr. Sandeep Kumar (2013), Title: Counting pointings on elliptic curves

  51. Mr. Anuj Chaudhary (2013), Title: Dynamic multi secret sharing schemes

  52. Mr. Sachin Michu (2013), Title: Algebraic attacks using grobner bases

  53. Mr. Anuj Kumar Verma (2014), Title: Steganalysis on images

  54. Mr. Rajan Kumar (2014), Title: Secure E-Banking with Steganography

  55. Mr. Kuldeep Kumar (2014), Title: Data Encryption using RSA associated with DWT

  56. Mr. Parijat Das (2014), Title: Copyright protection of digital watermark using visual cryptography

  57. Mr. Minhaj Ahmad (2014), Title: Timing attack on RSA cryptosystem: Analysis, practical model and imprvement

  58. Mr. Neeraj Kishore (2014), Title: Applications of identity based cryptography in manet and comparison of different techniques

  59. Mr. Sourabh Mangal (2014), Title: Cryptography in Banking

  60. Mr. G. K. Reddy (2015), Title: Image Steganography

  61. Mr. Rajkamal (2015), Title: Irreducible polynomials

  62. Mr. Gaurav (2016), Title: Elliptic curve cryptography

  63. Mr. Sanjay Kumar (2016), Title: Digital Watermarking of relational database

  64. Mr. Nitin Kumar (2016), Title: Function field sieve

  65. Mr. Naveen Kaushik (2016), Title: Elliptic curve cryptography

  66. Mr. Gayari Rohan (2016), Title: Security in electronic transitions

  67. Mr. Tanmay Jhunjhunwala (2016), Title: Homomorphic encryption scheme

  68. Mr. Animeh Angrish (2017), Title: Image Security System

  69. Mr. Neeraj Kumar (2018), Title: Cryptosystem with Stream Cipher

  70. Mr. vipul Kumar Bachani (2018), Title: Bitcoin and Smart Contract Technologies

  71. Mr. Raveena Karjodkar (2018), Title: Image Encryption Using Steganography

  72. Mr. Puneet Mittal (2018), Title: Image Encryption Using Pixel Displacement and Modified AES Algorithm

3. M.Sc.

  1. Neha Agarwal (2007), Title: Cyptology

  2. Bhavya Chauhan (2007), Title: Rep.& Char. of Groups

  3. Navreet Kaur & Sandeep Kumar (2008), Title: Cryptography

  4. Satya Prakash & Ankita Singh (2008), Title: Block Weideman Method

  5. Mohammad Qummar (2008), Title: Block Lanczos Method

  6. Vandana (2009), Title: Group Rings

  7. Sreenivasul (2009), Title: Algebra

  8. Krishna Prasad (2009), Title: Block Weideman Method

  9. Arti Pandey (2009), Title: Block Lanczos Method

  10. Neha Hooda & Rajiv Gupta (2010), Title: Cryptography: Finite Fields

  11. Kritika Mishra & Shruti Chawala (2010), Title: Coding Theory: Error Correction

  12. Rajkamal (2010), Title: Application of Linear Algebra

  13. Rohit Gupta (2011), Title: Codes on Group Rings

  14. Sohan Lal Saini (2011), Title: Finite Field and it's Application

  15. Kuldeep Singh (2011), Title: Algebraic Numbers

  16. Sharath Kumar Yadav(2012), Title:Product Of Group

  17. Sourabh Kumar Bera (2012), Title:Algebra(Free Groups)

  18. Donkeshwaram Harahari (2012), Title:Cryptography

  19. Srishti Bhaduri (2012), Title:Cryptography

  20. Nidhi Tuli (2012), Title:Algebra(Direct Products)

  21. Dipti Gupta (2012), Title:Algebra

  22. Kusum and Monika Singh Dhull(2016), Title:Design and analysis of cryptosystems

  23. Anubhav Chauhan and Anurag Jha(2018), Title:Function field sieve

Details of Theses Under Supervision

1. Ph.D.

  1. Ms. Meenu Khatkar (Thesis submitted)

  2. Mr. Yogesh Kumar Dahiya

  3. Mr. Sandeep Malik

  4. Mr. Hariom

  5. Ms. Soniya Takshak

  6. Ms. Pooja