Details of Theses Supervised

1. Ph.D.

  1. Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay (1997), Title of Thesis: On Units in Group Rings
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. V. Vetrivel)

  2. Dr. Basudeb Dhara (2004), Title of Thesis: Prime and Semi Prime Rings Satisfying Certain Functional Identities
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. P. D. Srivastava)

  3. Dr. Sujit Kumar Samanta (2005), Title of Thesis: Analysis of Finite- Buffer Vacation and Non-Vacation Discrete-Time Queueing Systems
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. U. C. Gupta)

  4. Dr. Manju Khan (2006), Title of Thesis: Unit Group of Group Algebras
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J.B. Srivastava)

  5. Dr. Megha Gupta (2008), Title of Thesis: Weight of a Group and Units in Group rings
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. B. Srivastava)

  6. Dr. Kanchan Joshi (2008), Title of Thesis: *-Prime and strongly Prime Group Algebras and the Corresponding radicals
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. B. Srivastava)

  7. Dr. Pooja (2010), Title of Thesis: Unit Group of Rings and Group Rings

  8. Dr. Balchand (2011), Title of Thesis: On Derivations of Rings and Group Rings

  9. Dr. S. Ramasamy (2011), Title of Thesis: On Trace and Dual Basis for Cryptography
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  10. Dr. Dhirendra Singh Yadav (2012), Title of Thesis: On Bases of Finite Fields for Cryptography
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  11. Dr. Sachin Kumar (2012), Title of Thesis: Design and analysis of visual secret sharing schemes

  12. Dr. Anand Joshi (2013), Title of Thesis: On Boolean Functions in the Context of Coding Theory and Cryptography
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. S. Gangopadhyay)

  13. Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Dubey (2014), Title of Thesis: Geophysical flow simulations with geodesics hexagonal meshes
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. O. P. Sharma)

  14. Dr. Alok Mishra (2014), Title of Thesis: On the normal bases over finite fields
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  15. Dr. Neha Makhijani (2014), Title of Thesis: Units in finite group algebras
    (Co-supervisor: Prof. J. B. Srivastava)

  16. Dr. Swati Sidana (2015), Title of Thesis: Units in finite loop algebras of RA and RA2 loops

  17. Dr. Dinesh Udar (2016), Title of Thesis: On group rings with certain restricted conditions

  18. Dr. Shailesh Kumar Tiwari (2016), Title of Thesis: Identities involving Generalised Derivations in prime and semiprime rings

  19. Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma (2016), Title of Thesis: MacWilliams type identities for bsome new weight enumerators and their aplications
    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Anuradha Sharma)

  20. Dr. Swati Maheshwari (2017), Title of Thesis: Finitely presented groups and units in group rings

  21. Dr. Vishal Kumar yadav (2017), Title of Thesis: Identities related to derivations in certain rings

  22. Dr. Parvesh Lathwal (2017), Title of Thesis: Jordan Regular Units in Rings and Group Rings

  23. Dr. Yogesh Kumar (2017), Title of Thesis: Properties of crypto- graphic primitives: Integer recurrence relations and permutations.

  24. Dr. Anju (2017), Title of Thesis: On Primitive Normal Elements Over Finite Fields

  25. Dr. Chirag Garg (2017), Title of Thesis: On Identities With Derivations In Prime And Semiprime Rings

  26. Dr. Deep Chandra Mishra (2018), Title of Thesis: On Security Of Two Dimensional Data (Image Data & Video Data)

  27. Dr. Reetu Siwach (2018), Title of Thesis: Associated Lie Algebras Of Group Algebras

  28. Dr.Rohit Gupta (2018), Title of Thesis: Permutation Polynomials over Finite Fields

  29. Dr.Harish Kumar Sahu (2018), Title of Thesis: Cryptoanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers using ROBDDs and SMT Solvers

  30. Dr.Ambrish Awasthi (2018), Title of Thesis: Primitive Transformation Shift Registers and Primitive Elements over Finite Fields

  31. Dr.Meenu khatkar (2018), Title of Thesis: Units,Idempotents and Ideals in Certain Algebras over Commutative Rings

2. M.Tech.

  1. Mr. V. P. Rathore (1989), Title: Management System for Juvenile Justice Act

  2. Mr. Arun Kumar Singh (1989), Title: Generalized Shortest Path, Optimal Ranking and Graphical Display of Network

  3. Mr. M. M. Sahoo (1999), Title: Group Theoretical Methods in Image Understanding.

  4. Mr. N. Panigrahi (2000), Title: Tessellation of 2-D Planar Domain with Holes and Surfaces

  5. Mr. D. Sathiah (2002), Title: Digital Signature Algorithms
    (Joint Supervisor: Prof. U. C. Gupta)

  6. Miss. M. Rajyalaksmi (2002), Title: Turbo Decoding Product Codes as Component Codes
    (Joint Supervisor: Prof. U. C. Gupta)

  7. Mr. Raja Somen (2004), Title: Group Rings

  8. Mr. Vipin K Yerra and Rajesh Kumar (2004), (Joint Project) Title: Cryptography: Algebraic Aspects

  9. Miss. Sreyasee Das (2005), Title: Cryptography-Number Field Sieves

  10. Mr. Raghav Bansal (2005), Title: Braid Group Cryptography

  11. Mr. Ripudaman Singh Bhadoria and Ratan Lal Meena (2005), (Joint Project) Title: Algebraic Codes

  12. Mr. Amit Chauhan and Udit Kapur (2005), Title: Number Field Sieve (Joint Mini Project)

  13. Mr. Himanshu Agarwal and Shwetank Anand (2006), (Joint Project) Title: k-edge Connectivity Augmentation Problems in Graphs
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Wagish Shukla)

  14. Mr. Aditya Singh Hada (2006), Title: SECOQC
    (Co Supervisor: Prof. Juergen Pilz)

  15. Mr. Anil Singh (2006), Title: Quantum Cryptography (Mini Project)

  16. Mr. Pratap Chandra Mishra (2007), Title: Applications of Finite Fields to Cryptography

  17. Anil Singh (2007) Title: Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography

  18. Udit Kapoor (2007), Title: Cryptography and Discrete Logarithm Problem

  19. Mr. Gaurav Singhal and Nishith (2007), (Joint Project, Part-I) Title: Discrete Log Problem in 2 Power Fields
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Pragya Jain)

  20. Mr. Gaurav Singhal and Nishith (2008), (Joint Project, Part-II) Title: Land Use Optimization and Analysis for Sustainable Food Security
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Pragya Jain)

  21. Mr. Kr Gaurav Parmar (2008), Title: Security in Finance
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. V. N. Sastry)

  22. Sudeep Mathur, (2008), Title: Cryptography: Block Ciphers

  23. L. Kumaraswamy, (2008), Title: Cryptography and Discrete Logarithm Problem

  24. Asifa Sunar (2008), Title: Implementation of some Cryptographic Algorithms

  25. V. V. K. Iyangar (2008), Title: Finding Algebraic Square Root for the General Number Field Sieve

  26. Mr. Sandeep Grewal and Rohan Kaushal (2008), (Joint Mini Project) Title: Discrete Log Problem: A Study
    (Co Supervisor: Dr. Pragya Jain)

  27. Ankur Goyal (2009), Title: Primality Testing

  28. John Krishna (2009), Title: Integer Factorization in Cryptography

  29. Keshav Pratap Singh (2009), Title: Discrete Logarithm and Cryptography

  30. Brij Mohan (2009), Title: Elliptic Curve Based Cryptosystems

  31. Rohan and Rahul (2009),(Joint Project) Title: Factorization of Numbers using number field sieve.

  32. Mr. Gaurav Goyal (2009), Title: Modelling of atmospheric fl ows (Co Supervisors: Prof. O.P. Sharma & Dr. H.C. Upadhyay)

  33. Balwant Kumar Singh (2010), Title: Secure Electronic Payment Protocol

  34. Avdesh Kumar Tomar (2010), Title: Implementation of Quadratic Sieve

  35. Ch.Vamshi Krishna (2010), Title: Sieving in Coppersmith Algorithm over GF(2n)

  36. Pradyumna T. (2010), Title: Coppersmith Algorithm over GF(2n)

  37. Pradep Kumar (2010), Title: Implementation of Cost Effective Symmetric Key Algorithm in Web Security

  38. Subodh S Jamgade & Sumit Gupta (2010), Title: Privacy Preserving Data Mining Using CRyptographic Techniques

  39. Nupur Agarwal & Kuldeep Sharma (2010), Title: Steganography and Palmprint Authentication

  40. Ms. Soniya (2011), Title: Applications of finite field in Cryptography

  41. Mr. Deep Chandra Mishra (2011), Title: Perfect and Representation of Finite Groups

  42. Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta (2011), Title: System of Linear Equation over Finite Field.

  43. Mr. Sanjay Goplani (2011), Title: Groebner Basis and its Applications

  44. Mr. Rahul singh (2011), Title: Braid Group Cryptography

  45. Mr. P. Dhanamjeyulu (2011), Title: Factorization of polynomials over GF(p)

  46. Mr. Nishant Agarwal (2011), Title: Counting Points on Elliptic Curves

  47. Mr. Vikash Maheshwari (2011), Title: Factorization of number using Number Field Sieve.

  48. Mr. Nagaraju.L (2012), Title: Applications Of Groebner Basis In Cryptography

  49. Mr. Mohmad Amir (2012), Title: Study Of Digital Signature Schemes

  50. Mr. Satendrapal Singh (2012), Title: Elliptic Curve Cryptography And Its Applications

  51. Mr. Jarar Ahmed (2012), Title: Quantum Cryptography

  52. Mr. Jagat Singh (2012), Title: Study Of Linear System Of Equations

  53. Mr. Ms. Neeta Agarwal (2012), Title: Cryptography

  54. Mr. Sandeep Kumar (2013), Title: Counting pointings on elliptic curves

  55. Mr. Anuj Chaudhary (2013), Title: Dynamic multi secret sharing schemes

  56. Mr. Sachin Michu (2013), Title: Algebraic attacks using grobner bases

  57. Mr. Anuj Kumar Verma (2014), Title: Steganalysis on images

  58. Mr. Rajan Kumar (2014), Title: Secure E-Banking with Steganography

  59. Mr. Kuldeep Kumar (2014), Title: Data Encryption using RSA associated with DWT

  60. Mr. Parijat Das (2014), Title: Copyright protection of digital watermark using visual cryptography

  61. Mr. Minhaj Ahmad (2014), Title: Timing attack on RSA cryptosystem: Analysis, practical model and imprvement

  62. Mr. Neeraj Kishore (2014), Title: Applications of identity based cryptography in manet and comparison of different techniques

  63. Mr. Sourabh Mangal (2014), Title: Cryptography in Banking

  64. Mr. G. K. Reddy (2015), Title: Image Steganography

  65. Mr. Rajkamal (2015), Title: Irreducible polynomials

  66. Mr. Gaurav (2016), Title: Elliptic curve cryptography

  67. Mr. Sanjay Kumar (2016), Title: Digital Watermarking of relational database

  68. Mr. Nitin Kumar (2016), Title: Function field sieve

  69. Mr. Naveen Kaushik (2016), Title: Elliptic curve cryptography

  70. Mr. Gayari Rohan (2016), Title: Security in electronic transitions

  71. Mr. Tanmay Jhunjhunwala (2016), Title: Homomorphic encryption scheme

  72. Mr. Animeh Angrish (2017), Title: Image Security System

  73. Mr. Neeraj Kumar (2018), Title: Cryptosystem with Stream Cipher

  74. Mr. vipul Kumar Bachani (2018), Title: Bitcoin and Smart Contract Technologies

  75. Mr. Raveena Karjodkar (2018), Title: Image Encryption Using Steganography

  76. Mr. Puneet Mittal (2018), Title: Image Encryption Using Pixel Displacement and Modified AES Algorithm

3. M.Sc.

  1. Neha Agarwal (2007), Title: Cyptology

  2. Bhavya Chauhan (2007), Title: Rep.& Char. of Groups

  3. Navreet Kaur & Sandeep Kumar (2008), Title: Cryptography

  4. Satya Prakash & Ankita Singh (2008), Title: Block Weideman Method

  5. Mohammad Qummar (2008), Title: Block Lanczos Method

  6. Vandana (2009), Title: Group Rings

  7. Sreenivasul (2009), Title: Algebra

  8. Krishna Prasad (2009), Title: Block Weideman Method

  9. Arti Pandey (2009), Title: Block Lanczos Method

  10. Neha Hooda & Rajiv Gupta (2010), Title: Cryptography: Finite Fields

  11. Kritika Mishra & Shruti Chawala (2010), Title: Coding Theory: Error Correction

  12. Rajkamal (2010), Title: Application of Linear Algebra

  13. Rohit Gupta (2011), Title: Codes on Group Rings

  14. Sohan Lal Saini (2011), Title: Finite Field and it's Application

  15. Kuldeep Singh (2011), Title: Algebraic Numbers

  16. Sharath Kumar Yadav(2012), Title:Product Of Group

  17. Sourabh Kumar Bera (2012), Title:Algebra(Free Groups)

  18. Donkeshwaram Harahari (2012), Title:Cryptography

  19. Srishti Bhaduri (2012), Title:Cryptography

  20. Nidhi Tuli (2012), Title:Algebra(Direct Products)

  21. Dipti Gupta (2012), Title:Algebra

  22. Kusum and Monika Singh Dhull(2016), Title:Design and analysis of cryptosystems

  23. Anubhav Chauhan and Anurag Jha(2018), Title:Function field sieve

Details of Theses Under Supervision

1. Ph.D.

  1. Mr. Yogesh Kumar Dahiya

  2. Mr. Sandeep Malik

  3. Mr. Hariom

  4. Ms. Soniya Takshak

  5. Ms. Pooja