Present Research/Consultancy

Ongoing Extramural Research Projects as PI


1.    Aptamer based inline monitoring of therapeutic protein production in bioreactors using microfluidic chip funded by DST, SERB, New Delhi.

2.    Integrated low cost water sensors for real- time river water monitoring and decision- making funded by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India (DST) and Intel under Research Initiative for Real-time River Water and Air Quality Monitoring program of Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF)


Ongoing Extramural Research Projects (As Co-PI)


3.    Nanoelectronics Network for Research and Application (NNetRA) (Applications of Non-Silicon Based Nanofabrication Technologies and Nanoscale Devices), funded by MEITy, DST and IIT Delhi

4.    DBT Centre for Excellence in Biopharmaceutical Technology funded by Department of Biotechnology

5.    Platform for PAT based Controls for Downstream Processes for Production of Biotech Therapeutic Products under Centre for Excellence in Biopharmaceutical Technology

6.    Nucleic acid based portable rapid diagnostic platform Department of Biotechnology BIRAC PACE


Completed projects/consultancies as PI


1.    Capillary Electrophoresis Amperometric Detector Microchip for In-Situ Product Monitoring In Bioreactors funded by Department of Biotechnology

2.    Reusable Clinical Amperometric Lactate and Glucose Biosensors based on Dissolved Oxygen Probe industry funded

3.    Assessment and feasibility of a POC sample analyzer CI: Sandeep K. Jha, industry funded


Completed projects/consultancies as Co-PI


4.    Design and development of fall prediction and protection system for pelvis & femur fractures DST, SERB