Guided (Ph.D.)

1. Sunita Rao (2012-2014) (Thesis submitted in June 2014) Uptake, Translocation and Phytotoxicity of Engineered     Nanoparticle v/s Bulk Metals (Copper & Zinc) in Brassica juncea

2. Anuradha Soni (Thesis submitted Feb 2018): Development of Non-invasive Biosensors for clinical analysis




Guiding (Ph.D.)


Mar 2014-Present Amit Kumar Singh: Development of multivariate non-invasive analytical instrument for clinical applications

Jan 2014-Present Appan Roychoudhury: Biosensors and Capillary electrophoresis microchip devices for analytical applications

July 2015-Present Tanu Bhardwaj: Microfluidic chip based prediction of myocardial infarction

Jan 2018 - Present Rishi Raj: Development of total soil analyzer prototype device


Co-guiding (Ph.D.)


Sep-2014-Present Avinash Kaur: Detection of water Borne pathogens

Sep 2014-Present M. Marieswaran on Biomechanical devices




Guided (Post graduate dissertation)


2013 Kajal Kumari: Development of paper strip based glucose biosensor for salivary analysis

2013 Vanshika Singh: Development of paper strip based optical urea biosensor

2013 Monika Saxena: Microbial BOD biosensor based on immobilized biomass consortium

2010 Rohit Chand, Microchip capillary electrophoresis device for amperometric detection of DNA


Also guided several 2 undergraduate students at IIT Delhi under SURA scheme:

2016 Arneish Prateek (2014CH10786), Sheetal Kumar Jain (2014CH10131) on Development of novel electrochemical sensor for the detection and estimation of catecholamine neurotransmitters