Doctoral/ Master's Thesis Supervision


Doctoral Thesis Awarded

¨      2016 Gezahegn Habtamu, Investigations on regeneration of liquid desiccants using solar energy (jointly with Prof. SC Mullick, CES)

¨      2015 Rajat Subhra Das, Studies On Liquid Desiccant Cooling Systems Using Indirect Contact Heat And Mass Exchangers  (two papers each in Int. J and conferences and in Nat. Conferences),  working at NIT, Shillong.

¨      2013 July Amit Kumar Sharma, “Studies on heat pipe based systems for energy conservation” (papers in Int. and Nat. Conferences, jointly with Prof. S.C. Kaushik), working at CR Engg College, Murthal

¨      2011Vishal N. Singh, Simulation and development of higher EER hermetic compressor using alternative refrigerants (Submitted July 2010, Converted to PT in Jan. 2007, jointly with Prof.R.S. Agarwal) currently working at Engg. College, Anand

¨      2011 Rajeev Kukreja, Study of Condensation heat transfer characteristics of pure and mixtures of HFC refrigerants in a horizontal microfin tube (Two papers each in Int. and Nat. Conferences, jointly with Prof. R.S. Agarwal) currently working at NIT Jalandar.

¨      2009 Ritunesh Kumar Maurya, Studies on Liquid desiccant based air-conditioning systems (two papers published in Int. Journal, one in nat. conf., jointly with Prof. P.L. Dhar) currently working with IIT Indore

¨      2008 R.G. Kapadia, Transient simulation of a split air-conditioning system using pure and mixed refrigerants (one paper each in Int. Jl., Intl. Conf. and Nat. Conference, jointly with Prof. R.S. Agarwal) working at Engg. College, Bharuch

¨      2007Arun K Asati, Performance Studies of falling film absorber & regenerator using TEG as desiccant (Two conference papers, jointly with Prof. P.L. Dhar) Principal at Rayat-Bahra College of Engineering and Nano Technology for Women, Hoshiarpur (Punjab).

¨      2003 Pramod Kumar, Finite time thermodynamic analysis of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heat pump systems (papers published in international journals, jointly with Prof. S.C. Kaushik) currently working at SSPL, Delhi.

Doctoral Thesis Currently in Progress

¨      2017, Himanshu, Solar-Biomass hybrid cooling systems with Dr Sudhir Tyagi, CES

¨      2016, Ankur Tiwari, Cooling tower systems, NTPC assistantship

¨      2016, Vinayak Sudalai, Building energy efficiency, with Dr Seshan, EED

¨      2016, Aditi Garg, Solar thermal energy systems

¨      2015, Sai Y., Adsorption systems, jointly with Dibakar Rakshit, 1 int. conf paper.

¨      2010 July Trinath Mahala, “Studies on low capacity vapor absorption systems using solar energy”, part time.

¨      2010 July Jitendra Narayan Choudary, “Nanoscale mass transfer through membranes”, Co-supervisor Dr. Subhra Dutta, part time.

Masters Thesis (Completed)

¨      2017 Ankur Jajodia, Strategies For Efficient Design Of Hvac System In Buildings, L&T sponsored program

¨      2016 Raj Narayan, Experimental and Simulation Study of a two stage Cascade Refrigeration System using natural refrigerants,  Military engg services.

¨      2014 Akshay Bhagdikar, Experimental analysis of solar collector/ regenerator for regeneration of liquid desiccants, M.Tech in Energy, Co-Supervisor Prof. S.C. Mullick

¨      2012 Amit Kakkar, Energy Savings in A/cing systems through HPHX’s, M.Tech in Energy, Co-Supervisor Prof. S.C. Kaushik, CES, with PWD, Rajasthan.

¨      2010 Rupal Agarwal, “Cooling issues and optimization strategies of a Data center”, L&T sponsored M.Tech. program in construction technology and magaement

¨      2010 Nagraj S. Sogale, “Techno-Economic optimization of water supply networks”, L&T sponsored M.Tech. program in construction technology and magaement, Co-supervisor Dr. Prabal Talukdar.

¨      2009 Ankur Khandelwal, “Energy Conservation Measures for a Building using TRNSYS”, Co-supervisor Dr. Prabal Talukdar, working with Spectral services, Noida.

¨      2009 Atul Wadhwa, “Studies on Thermo-Electric Systems for Electronics Cooling”, Co-supervisor Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar, MM Suri award for best hardware project.

¨      2009 Amarakshar V.M., “Studies on Jet Ejector Refrigeration System”, Co-supervisor Prof. S.N. Singh, L&T sponsored program.

¨      2009 Suraj Sharma, “Experimental and Simulation Study of Carbon-dioxide Propane Cascade Refrigeration System”, Co-supervisor Prof. R.S.Agarwal.

¨      2009 Arun Kumar Jain, “Heat Exchangers for Fuel Cell – Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems”, Co-supervisor Dr. B. Premachandran, NTPC sponsored program. 

¨      2008 D.S.Samant, Design and development of two stage cascade refrigeration system, Co-supervisor Prof. R.S. Agarwal, M.M. Suri award for best hardware project (A grade)

¨      2008 Niraj Krishna, Modeling and simulation of air preheater (A grade)

¨      2008 Rabindra Nath Behera, CFD modelling of heat pipes (A grade)

¨      2008 Vikram Kanade, Simulation and experimental studies on air conditioned telecom shelter using phase change material, Co-supervisor Prof. R.S. Agarwal, (A grade)

¨      2007 K.J.  Rao,  Performance  enhancement  of  oil  coolers  in  thermal  power  plants  (NTPC  -  PGT  program,  A  grade)  working  with  NTPC,  Sipat

¨      2007 Thati Siva, Thermoelectric cooling system for electronic cooling (M.M.  Suri  Award  for  best  hardware  project,  A  grade,  jointly  with  Prof.  R.S.  Agarwal)  working  with  ACME

¨      2006 Anand  Prakash,  Mathematical  modeling  of  leakage  distribution  in  rotary  regenerators  (NTPC-PGT,  A  grade,  jointly  with  Dr  Sangeeta  Kohli)  working  at  NTPC,  Noida

¨      2005 Aniruddha A.  Joshi,  Numerical  and  Experimental  Study  of  plate  heat  exchangers  (International  Journal  and  National  conference  papers,  Nominated  for  an  award,  A  grade)  Working  at  Pacific  Mindware,  Pune

¨      2005 S.K.  Tiwari,  Design  of  a  gas  to  gas  heat  exchanger  for  micro  turbine  systems  (NTPC-PGT,  A  grade,  jointly  with  Dr.  Lajpat  Rai)  NTPC

¨      2005 C.S.  Mishra,  Simulation  of  cooling  tower  performance  for  non  uniform  water  distribution  (NTPC-PGT,  A  grade,  Nat.  Conf.  paper)  NTPC,  AmbedkarNagar,  UP

¨      2005 Abhijit  Majumdar,  Design  of  a  heat  exchanger  for  the  utilization  of  flue  gas  for  air-conditioning  (NTPC-PGT,  Nat.  Conf.  paper)  NTPC,  Bengal

¨      2005 Kamaljeet    Singh, Transient simulation  of  air-conditioning  systems  (jointly  with  Prof.  R.S.  Agarwal)  working  at  LG,  Noida

¨      2005 Vishal  Gupta,  Development  of  energy  efficient  frost  free  domestic  refrigerator  (Nominated  for  FITT  award,  jointly  with  Prof.  R.S.  Agarwal)  working  at  TVS  Motors,  Hosur

¨      2004 Somnath  Sen,  Performance  evaluation  of  automobile  air  conditioner  of  car  with  alternative  refrigerants  (MM  Suri  award  for  best  hardware  project  International  conference  paper,  jointly  with  Prof.  R.S.  Agarwal)  Working  at  Subros,  Noida

¨      2004 D.  Chandulal  Naik,  Developing  a  liquid  desiccant  cooling  system  (Laboratory  model),  (jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)  Working  at  Wipro,  Hyderabad

¨      2004 Mahendra  Singh  Mehra,  Design  of  low  cost  low  energy  cool  storage,  (jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)  Working  with  GE,  Steam  Turbines,  Bangalore

¨      2002 B.R.  Singh,  Simulation  and  performance  study  of  Plate  heat  exchangers  (National  conference  paper)

¨      2002 Hemant  Jethi,  Design  of  air  cooled  condenser  for  thermal  power  plants  (NTPC-PGT,  International  conference  paper)  NTPC,  Engg  -  Noida

¨      2002 Rakesh  Kumar,  Study  of  alternate  designs  of  air  preheaters  for  thermal  power  plants  (NTPC-PGT,  Two  international  conference  papers)  NTPC,  Engg.-  Noida

¨      2002 S.T.H.  Faridi,  Design  and  development  of  micro  hydro  turbo  pump  (jointly  with  Dr  PMV  Subbarao)  Working  at  LG,  Korea

¨      2002 Sauhard  Singh,  Performance  evaluation  of  automobile  air  conditioner  of  car  with  alternative  refrigerants  (jointly  with  Prof.  R.S.Agarwal)

¨      2001 Brijesh  Negi,  Assessing  the  potential  of  Regenerative  Evaporative  cooling  systems  for  the  Indian  climatic  conditions  (jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)  Working  with  Applied  Materials,  USA

¨      2001 Mithilesh  Kumar,  Drift  and  wetting  characteristics  of  a  liquid  desiccant  cooling  system  (Nominated  for  INAE  award,  Conference  paper,  jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)  working  with  BARC,  Mumbai

¨      2001 Mayank  Mathur,  Design  of  a  run  of  the  river  Micro-hydel  power  plant,  working  at  CSIR  lab.

¨      2001 Prabhas  Tripathi,  Optimization  of  a  counter  flow  plate  fin  heat  exchanger  (International  conference  paper)

¨      2000 Sumedh  M.  Ukey,  Studies  on  different  designs  of  absorber  and  regenerator  of  a  liquid  desiccant  system  (jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)

¨      1999 M.  Ravitej,  Design  of  an  air-cooled  heat  exchanger  for  single  phase  cooling  application  (Co-supervisor  from  industry  -  Sh.  V.K.  Mehandru)

¨      1999 Keshavendra  Choudhary,  Experimental  studies  on  absorber  and  regenerator  of  a  liquid  desiccant  cooling  system  (jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)  Working  at  Private  Engg.  College,  Delhi

¨      1998 Bhuvanendra  Sisodiya,  Performance  study  of  a  solid  desiccant  cooling      system  (Best  Hardware  project,  jointly  with  Prof.  P.L.  Dhar)

 As  Facilitator  in  student  research  projects  (SURA)

¨      Cascade system, Robin Singh

¨      Transient simulation of solar collector using TRNSYS, Suhail Ahmed & Akshaya Budonia, 8 weeks,

¨      Solar Collector cum Regenerator, Ankur Gupta & Shashank Chaudhry, 8 weeks.

¨      Novel  Comfort  cooler,  Vibhu  Kaushik  &  Ujjwal  Lahoti,  8  weeks,    prototype  of  a  novel  cooler  developed.

¨      Liquid  desiccant  air  conditioner,  Sahil  Kochhar  &  Rahul  Ajmera,  8  weeks,  conceptualized  a  design  for  a  residential  desiccant  cooler.

¨      Thermoelectric  cooler  for  chip  cooling,  Bhaumik  Jain  &  Tushar  Sharma,  8  weeks,  Developed  and  tested  a  new  dimpled  water  block  in  a  thermoelectric  cooling  system. 

¨      Thermoelectric power generation, Raghav and Aditya.

¨      Heat pipes for electronics, Aashish and Nishant Kedia.