UG courses

1.   EPL 204: Statistical and Thermal Physics ( 2007,2012)

2.   PHP100( Lab. Course for first year B. Tech students : electronics experiments)(2006-

3.   EPL202 Quantum Mechanics and its applications (2010)

4.   PHL110 ( Fields and Waves) (2009,2011)

PG courses

1.   PHL555 :Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Applications (Books: R. Shankar, A. Das, Sakurai, Messiah, P. A. M. Dirac)  (2006,2007,2012,2013)

2.   PHL556: Statistical Mechanics (2008 January-April,2012 January-April)

3.   PHL565:Cooperative Phenomena in Solids ( Advanced solid state ) ( 2008-2011) Syllebus and suggested readings ( Marder, Ashcroft Mermin and Kittel. Some Parts from Feynman Lectures volume 3)



Current Course: EPL202

First three lectures on introduction to Quantum Mechanics  for beginners ( ppt files):

This is more suitable for courses like PHL 100/PHL110

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Course Structure and References

Study Material – Introduction

First Problem Set for EPL202

Second Problem Set for EPL202

Third Problem Set for EPL202

Fourth Problem Set for EPL202

Fifth Problem Set fo EPL202