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Beautiful arrows for LaTeX pictures

Use arrow.sty to have beautiful arrows in your LaTeX pictures. The documentation for the package is at arrowstyle.pdf, with its source, arrowstyle.tex.

Linux drivers for modular Agilent instruments

This project is under development. As of now, linux drivers for Agilent U2351A, Agilent U2722A and Agilent U2781A card-cage have been written. Other instruments will be added as and when I gain access to them. The "driver" is really a tool to load the firmware onto the device. After firmware uploading, standard USBTMC drivers should be used for further use. The use of this driver is not supported by Agilent.

Version 0.2: Agilent Modular Instruments Linux Driver Version 0.3: Agilent Modular Instruments Linux Driver

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