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The world is going Digital, why Analog?

While you are welcome to make your own career choice, here is some information to motivate you to become an analog circuit designer...
  • "Where the jobs are" IEEE Spectrum Jan 2003
    "One of the most sustained demands for EEs is in analog and mixed-signal design. Analog? Isn't that obsolete? The fact is, the more computerized the world becomes, the greater the need for interfaces between the analog and digital: cellphones need to convert voices to digital pulses and vice versa, video cameras need to change images into bytes, while monitors reverse the transaction."
  • Analog circuit design is challenging!
    Today, the digital design flow can be completely automated. Right after one writes a Verilog/VHDL program to emulate what the digital circuit block is required to do, one can automatically generate the circuitry, and even the layout of the chip. For analog circuits, none of this is true. Every device in an analog circuit has thought behind it. Every single device is painstakingly laid out. A side effect of all this is the demand for analog circuit designers (where digital circuit designers can be replaced by a computer program!)
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