Presently my group is working on following research areas:



Extremophiles and Extremozymes: Screening, isolation and characterization of extremophiles.

Extremozymes: Purification of enzymes and characterization of their novel genes to understand molecular basis of stability and their proteomics.


Immobilization/ modification of enzymes and cells; in environmental bioremediation, food processing, solid-state fermentation, removal of anti-nutritional factors/detoxification, bioconversions and by-product utilization.


Interactions of nanoparticles with microbial cells and microbial diversity (thereof):  effect on membrane, interaction with cellular proteins and DNA and subsequent changes in proteome profiles.

Use of nanoparticles and high surface matrix for enzyme immobilization to develop effective biocatalysts.


Proteomic investigations on mechanistic interpretations of  bacteria-nanoparticle interactions, proteome profiling of mechanisms of phytotoxicity, proteomic studies on ionic liquid toxicity to microorganisms, proteomic approaches to understand the role of outer membrane porins in the organic solvent-tolerance of extremophiles.