[Ph.D. (IIT/D)]
E-mail: snn@rdat.iitd.ac.in, sn_naik@hotmail.com



*      Ph. D. (CRDT)-Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi- (1990

*      M. Tech. (Oil Technology)-Nagpur University- (1982) 

*      M. Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) Sambalpur University- (1979) 


*      1983 – 84: Plant Engineer, Solvent Extraction, Fatty acid distillation, Oleochemicals, Oswal  Agro Ltd., Ludhiana 

*      1985: Production engineer, soap and detergent, Hindustan Liver Ltd., Rajpura 

*      1986-90: Ph.D. Program in IIT Delhi and also worked at University of Siegen, Germany under Volkswagen Research Fellowship 

*      1987-90: Senior Scientific Officer-II (IIT Delhi) 

*      1990-96: Deputy. Manager (R&D) (TRIFED, Ministry of  Welfare) 

*      1996-2002: Senior Scientific Officer-I (IIT Delhi) 

*      2002 - 2008: Associate Prof. (IIT Delhi) 

*      2008 - 2008: Visiting Prof. (University of Saskatchewan, Dept. of Chemical Engg.) 

*      2009 to Present: Professor (IIT Delhi) 


*      DST-DAAD project with Prof H. Lentz, University of Siegen, Germany, 1999-2001 (Three visits to Germany) 

*      GTZ sponsored project 2001-2002 (Two visits University of Siegen, Germany for project activities) 

*      International workshop on leadership & reform in urban & rural management at South Africa and Egypt, December 2003 

*      International conference & academic interaction with University of Saskatchewan Canada, May 2005 

*      Invited lecture on the restructuring of Energy concerns of Srilanka, through Boifuels, Colombo, Srilanka, March 2006 

*      Delivered lecture at 8th conference on supercritical fluids and their application, Ischia, Italy, May 2006 

*      Iboamerican conference on supercritical fluids, Iguassu Falls, Brazil, April, 2007 

*      Visiting professor to university of Saskatchewan Canada, Feb 2008 to Dec 2008 


*      Expert member under the Planning commissions “Report of the committee on Development of Biofuel” (2003) Government of India 

*      Member Special Task Force (STF) for intensive employment program in Chotanagpur,  Jharkhand (2001-02) 

*      Member of expert group on Bio-fuel Policy, Planning commission, Power and Energy Division (2006-07) 

*      Executive member of Oil Technologist’s Association of India, North zone (2007-08) 

*      Life Member of IICHE, EOAI, ISCA, OTAI 

*      Expert member (Recruitment and  Assessment Board of CSIR, New Delhi) (2006-07) 

*      Essential Oil Association of India, Dr. D. R. Dhingra Memorial award (1988-89 ) 

*      Volkswagen Research Fellowship (1985-86) worked at University of GH-Siegen (Germany) 


*      Supercritical fluid extraction Unit (for  extraction of spices, aromatic, medicinal and pesticide bearing plants) (AICTE) 

*      Low cost liquid carbon dioxide plant for extraction of Medicinal and Aromatic plants (GTZ Project) 

*      Pilot scale solvent extraction unit for Neem bitters (NOVOD Board Project) 

*      Low-cost Depulper and Decorticator for Neem (NOVOD Board Project) 

*      Decorticator and Oil expeller for Jatropha & Karanja (NOVOD Board Project) 

*      Pilot Plant for biodiesel production (GM Poject)