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Subrat Kar

Teacher. Pathfinder. Inspirer. Innovater.Moon shot taker. Cordcutter. See Ephesians 4:32 ;

and Ram and Sita Sabnani Chair in Computer Networking

Dept of Electrical Engineering (RANK , MORE...)
 & Bharti
of Telecommunication Technology and Management
( Mailstop: Block 2A, Room 114 )
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016 INDIA

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T: +91 (11) 2659.1088 , 2659.6226
F: +91 (11) 2659.6200 (Office of the Bharti School)
     +91 (11) 2658.1606 / 2658.1524 (Office of EE Dept) ,


About me :
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My research interests are in: Publications
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Awards and Recognitions

Opportunities to work with me

Please contact me by email if you are interested in:
  1. working in any of my research areas
    1. as a undergraduate / postgraduate / Doctoral student ( please tell me your interests first – see )
    2. as a Intern ( we have a Internship Program – see )

  2. working with me in any of the ongoing research projects as a Post-Doctoral / Staff Member (email me your resume in pdf or ascii format only please)

  3. working with me either as a Research or Project Collaborator on a research topic / project
    or retaining me as
    a Consultant / Retainer (through IIT Delhi or through FITT )
    or working with me for specific contract research
    or for a specific product development
    - please email me a initial write-up of what's on your mind (in PDF or ascii format) so we can discuss it

  4. meeting me - please call my office phone number +91 (11) 26591088 during working hours if you need to just talk to me.


I teach the following scheduled regular courses across Departments (Electrical Engg / Bharti School of Telecom / Dept of Physics):
Refresher Courses

Apart from regular courses, I teach about 38 Refresher Courses + 2 Weekend Modules through FITT on a consultancy basis - please email me your requirements if you require any of these courses on Telecom, Embedded Systems, Optical Networks.

Alternatively, you could fill in this form to let me know your exact requirements - FITT would then get back to you with a course proposal.

Electrical Engg
Bharti School of Telecom / Inter-Disciplinary Program on Telecom Technology and Management
Dept of Physics / Inter-Disciplinary Program Opto-Electronics & Optical Communication
Post-graduate / Pre-PhD
EEL703 Computer Networks
(usually taught with Prof.S.Dharmaraja)
EEL818 Telecom Technologies (Sem 1 / 2013-2014*) OE750 : Photonic switching and Networks

EEL857 Network Security EEL817 Access Networks
(usually taught with Dr.Anand Srivastava)
OE712 Optical Communication Laboratory

EEL859 Network Management
EEP757 Telecom Networks Lab

EEP702 Software Laboratory
EEP858 Telecom Networks II

EEP757 Embedded Systems for Telecom Networks Laboratory
EEP773 Telecom Software Lab (Sem 1 / 2013-2014*)

EEP701 Digital Systems Lab (Sem 1 / 2013-2014*)

EEP703 Computer Networks Lab

EEP705 Computer Technology Lab

Special Courses
EEL370 Selected Topics in Computer I- Broadband Networks

EEL375 Embedded Systems
(Sem 1 / 2013-2014*)

EEN110 Introduction to Electronics

EEL436 Telecom Transmission and Switching

EEP308 Microprocessor Lab
(now changed to EEP375 Embedded Systems Lab)

EEP309 Communication Lab

EEP307 Computer Technology Lab

Coordination Courses
EES310 Mini Project
JMD802 Minor Project

EED310 Independent Study
EED801 Major Project

EEN101 Introduction to the Department

EES401 Colloquium

Projects/Project Staff

Area >>
Satellite Comm Optical Comm Sensor Networks Wildlife Automobiles Health Embedded Systems
#Projects 1 2
2 2
1 4
Colleagues 3 2 1 2 1 1 1
Team Members 5 5 8 2 1
2 5

  1. 2012-2013
    EE= FT:2.0 ; PT:4 / Bharti=FT:1.5 ; PT:1
    EE: FT:1 ; PT=1 / Bharti: FT:1
    EE: 2; Bharti:5; Opto:3; ApplOpto:0;
    Teaching Assistants
    BTech Other Projects Interns Project Staff Colleagues
    1. Sanat Sarangi (Bharti School / Part-Time) - submitted
    2. Garima Mishra
      (Full-Time/ EE Dept) with Dr.S.Dharmaraja

      [TA for Sem 1 2013-24]
    3. Amrish Maggo
      Asst Prof, GTBIT
      (Part-Time/Bharti School)
    4. Vijay Arvind Rao (Full-time Sponsored / EE Dept)
    5. S.Ramakrishna [NokiaSolutions & N] (Part-Time/Bharti School) – with Dr.S.Dharmaraja
    6. Abhijit Mitra (BT Fellow) with Dr.Andrew Lord, BT
    7. Pooja Gopal (Full Time / Bharti School) – with Prof.V.K.Jain
      [TA for Sem 1 2013-24]
    8. Prabhmandeep Kaur Dhillon (Full Time / EE Dept) – with Prof.V.K.Jain
    9. P.Govindraj [CDAC] (Part-Time / Bharti School)
    10. Sunil Upendra Pathrikar (Full-Time / Bharti School)
      [TA for Sem 1 2013-24 (EEP773 Tel S/W Lab) ]
    11. Ajay Yadav (with Prof.V.K.Jain)
    1. Vijay Gupta, CDOT (Part Time/EE Dept)
    2. Bodhibrata Mukhopadhyay (Bharti School)
    3. Famina Sangtani (part time/ EE Dept) - with Dr.D.S.Khatri
    4. Priyesh P P (part-time/ Bharti School)
    1. (CTech) Narendra Vishwakarma - AutoNW [TA for Sem 1 2013-24 EEP701 Dig Syst Lab]
    2. (CTech) Akash Kumar Agarwal - ImgProc [TA for Sem 1 2013-24 EEP701 Dig Syst Lab]
    3. (Bharti) Sachin Teotia - Routers
      [TA for Sem 1 2013-24]
    4. (Bharti) Manohar Parvatini - EmbCam
    5. (Bharti) Prabhat Singh - *
    6. (Opto) Nitin K Lohar - ONT
    7. (Opto) Garima Ojha [TA for Sem 1 2013-24]
    8. (Opto) Ravi Sudhakar - OptiTx boards
      [TA for Sem 1 2013-24]
    9. (Opto) Shashank Bijwe - NMS
    10. [Bharti] Shubhra Srivastava - SNW
    11. [CTech] Vishwanath D - Independent Study - AutoNW
    12. [CTech] Manoj Sharma
    13. [CTech] Venugopal R - Emb RT Control
    14. [CTech] Joydeep Chaudhury
    15. [CTech] Prateek Gupta - EmbSys
    1. Dual
      <none so far>
    2. MTech
      • Sahdev Garg (TA EEP773 Tel S/W Lab)
      • Vishwanath Gaur (TA EEP701 Dig Syst Lab - Tuesdays)
      • Kavya Bathula [Res.Asst]
      • Pramanshu Singh
      • Shruti Sharma
      • Souptik Mitra
      • Himanshu Kumar [Res Asst]
    1. Dushyant Sahoo

    1. Disha Sardana

    2. Kruti Goyal
    1. Harika Aennam
    2. Vikas Chawla
    3. Rupesh Vishwakarma
    4. Shailesh Singh
    5. Sagarika DuttaBishwas
    6. Chaatak Priya
    7. Priyanka Chauhan
    8. Jasmeet Kaur
    9. Shrikrishna Payasi
    10. Ramesh Biswal


I owe many individuals great debts for the role they have played in my life. Some of them were teachers, some were friends, and others were colleagues. All of them are gratefully, and humbly, acknowledged - only some of them are listed below.

Sri Rama Chandra Hota, Teacher of Geography and Mathematics, Burla High School for teaching me the mathematics of Physical Geography and the geography of Mathematics, for capturing my imagination by teaching me the why of maths rather than the how, for telling me that there always is another way of solving a problem, for Shiva's damru and the conic sections, for getting down on his knees in a dusty courtyard to teach me how to approximately trisect an angle with a piece of string and three sticks.

Sri Bala Mukunda Panda
, Burla High School, for teaching me Sanskrit at my father's request, since it was not a subject I was required to learn at school, so I could savour the Panchatantra and the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit.

Prof.Ananth Selvarajan
, IISc Bangalore, for believing I would, telling me I should and setting me free so I could.

, IIT Bombay (now in DAIICT), for the last 15 minutes of the single tutorial that changed my teaching career after I had joined IIT Delhi.

Prof. George G Guekos
, of the ETH Zurich, for never letting me think anything else except that I had it in me.

Prof.Yang Tianli
(Bing Lao She) of the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, for showing me the world of Mozart and Bach, and for letting me speak so that I could teach myself to listen. Ni hau, Bing Lao She, Pancake-Master, Piano-player.

Students, past and present

PhD students

M.Sufyan Beg (completed with Dr.N.Ahmed)

Anand Srivastava (with Prof.V.K.Jain) C

Abhinav Mathur (with Prof.H.M.Gupta)

Shree Prakash Singh (with Prof.V.K.Jain) C

Samya Bhattacharya (with Prof.H.M.Gupta) C

Himani Kaushal (with Prof.V.K.Jain) C

Sanat Sarangi (PT/BSTTM)

Amrish Maggo (PT/BSTTM)

S.Ramakrishna (PT/BSTTM) with Dr.S.Dharmaraja

P.Govindraj (PT/BSTTM)

Abhijit Mitra (BT Research Fellow / EE) with Dr.Andrew Lord

Garima (FT/EE) with Dr.S.Dharmaraja

Vijay Arvind Rao (FT/EE)

Prabhmandeep Kaur Dhillon (FT/EE) with Prof.V.K.Jain

Pooja Gopal (FT/BSTTM) with Dr.V.K.Jain

Sunil Upendra Pathrikar (FT/BSTTM)

Ajay Yadav (FT/BSTTM) with Dr.V.K.Jain 0.5

Anjitha Viswanath (FT/BSTTM) with Dr.V.K.Jain 0.5