About STRI (Supratic Trust for Research & Incubation)

STRI (Supratic Trust for Research and Incubation) is a non-profit public welfare oriented Trust, founded on the innovative social concepts of its founder Prof. Supratic Gupta, Faculty at IIT Delhi. The objective is to promote effective initiatives to catalyze social and attitudinal changes among all sections of society.

It was registered in the year 2016 for taking forward the concepts of the book "You Must be Kidding Dr. Supratic Gupta", authored by Prof. Supratic Gupta and Counsellor Prakash Chandra. The book depicts Dr. Gupta's unique life experiences including twelve years in Japan, which has produced offbeat ideas and exploration of many complex socio-cultural issues. It touches various themes including; sports training, flexible education, women development, dance, music and public-based research.

The Trust symbolizes the hope to make positive contribution in the lives of people around the world with action-based innovative approaches. The purpose is to make qualitative changes in their lives, with the active participation of like-minded people, who want to join, support or contribute in any form. It seeks active support from Individuals, NGOs and Government agencies worldwide.


Prof. Supratic Gupta, Faculty in IIT Delhi, had graduated from IIT Madras and then completed his doctorate from Nagoya University, Japan. A dynamic man with passion for bringing about positive changes in society; he has firm root in Indian values but has grown wings of innovative ideas in East Asia. He wants to makes people happy by his sincere ideas and positive social actions. He is engaged in writing books, delivering lectures, making movies and incubating projects to change the world.

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Designation: Founder Trustee of STRI


The avowed social developmental professional and counsellor Prakash Chandra was gradually sucked into the offbeat ideas of Professor Gupta and joined him six years back. He discussed, debated and finally ended up as co-authors of both the "You must be Kidding" series books! It was an eventful journey of exploration as well as self-discovery for both. He is core member of his STRI team and contributes in the social projects, content writing and the scripts of the movies and videos. He also helped Professor Gupta to tide over his turbulent times through counselling.

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Designation: Program manager STRI


Prof. Gupta in the book, "You must be Kidding Dr. Supratic Gupta" shares his dream of changing the world. He elaborates his life experiences, exploration of social and educational issues, which led him to pen this book, along with co-author, Counsellor Prakash Chandra. The Book touches the sufferings of children, women and men, caught in the outdated educational and social systems, including; education, sports, counselling, women-child health, research and child care. It advocates the involvement of public, government, social organizations & researcher in development of nation. The book includes fourteen different chapters exploring different areas of social, educational and behavioral issues. The common thread running through all these apparently different topics is same i.e how to make meaningful and qualitative changes in our life, attitudes and systems, which will make the human kind happy. It will lead to growth and empowerment of all. The suffering of children pursuing sports, music and dance in formal education system, led to the realization that children choosing sports, music and dance should have a complete separate curriculum of communication, science and mathematics, which will make a person complete entertainer and balanced personality. The authors have proposed to give more importance to flexibility exercise in childhood, counselling of adolescent and youth, a holistic child care system, and more scientific way of thinking. A series of portals controlled by public participation and involvement to assist the sports and research in India is also proposed. It is a beginning of an endless quest for making qualitative differences in lives of masses, by adopting some new creative ideas, approach and attitudes and evolving them into implementable projects.
(The Book is available online at Amazon Books India) Topics covered in the book are: Flexible Education, Education Portal, Hoikuen, Swimming and Exercises for Flexibility, Multimedia Based Sports Portal, Music and Dance, Music and Dance for Street Children, Counselling, Life of Women and Happiness, Old Age Home, Scientific Thinking, Structure of Research Work, Research Portal & Research Environment in India


This book is the pictorial and abridged version of the first book by Prof. Supratic Gupta and Counsellor Prakash Chandra. It looks at the societal challenges and the issues in holistic way, followed by systematic research and interventions for creating a better world. The visuals and graphics as well the out-of--box ideas are presented in this second book in a clear, concise and comprehensible way. Indian society is undergoing a vast transformation in the social, economical and cultural values. Significant improvements have been seen in education, services, health care and other sectors. Yet, the goal of ensuring equality between rich and poor, men and women seems to be eluding. There is also a need for understanding the life and challenges of an average Indian, and take a fresh approach to deal with it. It is imperative to change societal attitudes on child growth, women liberation, sports, education, research, mass entertainment and counselling. Life passes through a series of developmental steps starting right from, birth to childhood, adolescence, schooling, college life, marriage, child birth, parenting, middle age and old age. For a balanced and happy life, there is a need to look into alternative ways of life taking reference from experiences from other countries. The book emphasizes importance of pre & post birth counseling, effective child care system, swimming, flexibility exercise, music, dance, yoga and meditation. It also advocates life skill development through various counselling modules.