Vivek V. Buwa
Vivek V. Buwa
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
New Delhi-110 016, India.
Ph.D Students
Brajesh Kumar Singh
July 2012-ongoing
Research topic:  Phase hold-up distribution measurements in two-/three-phase systems using electrical capacitance/resistance tomography (supervised jointly with Prof. S. Roy)
Karthik G. M.  
(Part-time PhD student, presently working at Haldor Topsoe India Private Limited, New Delhi)
July 2013-ongoing
Research topic: Numerical simulations of single phase catalytic reactors
Ekta Jain
Indian Oil Research Scholar
Research topic: Gas-Liquid Distributors for Trickle Bed Reactors
Abhijeet H. Thaker
January 2014-ongoing

Research topic: Dispersed Liquid-Liquid Flow in a Continuous Gravity Settler: Measurements and Population Balance Modeling
Prashant Parihar
(Part-time PhD student, presently working at BPCL R& D Center, Greater Noida)
January 2014-ongoing

Research topic: Comparison of radial and downflow reactors for hydroprocessing: Experiments and CFD simulations
  Sirisha Parvathaneni
August 2016-ongoing

Research topic: CFD Simulations of Binary Gas Solid Flows and Coal Gasification in Fluidzed Beds
  Aniket S. Ambekar
July 2016-ongoing
Research topic: Characterization of reservoir flow properties by pore scale simultions and experiments
M.Tech students
Sahil Bhujbal
July 2017-ongoing
Research topic: Dynamics of Gas-Liquid Flow in a Shallow Vessal
B.Tech Dual Degree students
Swapnil Sharma
July 2014-ongoing
Research topic: Euler-Euler Simulations of Gas-Liquid Flow in Bubble Column