Vivek V. Buwa
Advanced  Flow Characterization

Particle Scale Flow

Packed beds are widely used in chemical process industries to carry out solid–catalyzed gas–phase reactions. The catalyst particle shape determines the local (particle–scale) transport phenomena which in turn contributes to the pressure drop, dispersion, heat and mass transport characteristics and therefore the reactor performance. Hence, it is imperative to understand the particle–scale flow in the packed beds. Even though a wide range of bed–scale experiments have been performed for estimation of global parameters like pressure drop, overall heat transfer coefficients etc., they do not provide detailed information on the particle–scale transport phenomena. On the other hand, particle–resolved CFD simulations can provide such detailed particle–scale information which helps to establish a relationship between the particle shape and the reactor performance. However, the CFD models lack rigorous validation due to difficulty in obtaining reliable particle–scale measurements. Therefore, the main purpose of the present work is to establish an approach measurements of the local flow field around the particle and residence time distribution (RTD) in the packed beds with the application of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) measurement techniques. This information will be helpful in rigorous validation of CFD models which then can be used with confidence for the development of novel particle shapes for improving the reactor performance.

PIV Videos:       Rebed: 1100                                          Rebed: 2200                                       Rebed: 6600
LIF Videos:       Rebed: 1100                                          Rebed: 2200                                       Rebed: 6600

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