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Dr. Arnab Banerjee investigates on the designing of novel structures and oscillators of mechanical metamaterial for vibration isolation, shock absorbtion, for resilent infrastructures. Modulation of the elastic waves in beam, frame, grid and more complicated structures are one of the major area of his research. Beside that Dr. Banerjee has started investigation on the infrastructural development of renewable energy sources, specifically, wind, wave and hybrid systems. His research area are as follows:

  • Passive and active control of structures
  • Low frequency acoustic insulation
  • Mechanical Metamaterials
  • Auxetic shock absorbers
  • Wind eneregy harvesting
  • Infrastructure development of Renewable energy sources
  • Pounding analysis of adjacent structures
  • Vibration control of High speed Railway
  • Soil-fluid-structure interaction
Dr. Banerjee has joined in Civil Engineering Department of IIT Delhi in May 2019 as Assistant Professor, grade-II. Previously, he was at Civil Engineering Department of IIT Jammu

Dr. Banerjee was awarded Newton International Fellowship from Royal Society London in Dec,2018. He receievd Inspire faculty award from Department of Science and Technology, India in July, 2018.

For updated research profile please check our group's website Home Page: MMMES Group

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