• Paper in Electrophoresis- Nov 11, 2019

    In our latest article in Electrophoresis, we show that surface conduction in current monitoring experiments for EOF measurement can lead to shock and rarefaction waves in ion-concentrations.pdf »

  • Funding under IMPRINT-2 scheme- Aug 28, 2014

    Our lab has received funding of over Rs 7.5 million under IMPRINT-2 scheme for development of an EHD jet printer..

  • Teaching Excellence Award- Sept 5, 2018

    Prof. Bahga was awarded Teaching Excellence Award at IIT Delhi for teaching MCL826: Introduction to Microfluidics html »

  • Paper in Physics of Fluids- Oct 3, 2017

    In our latest article in Physics of Fluids, we use dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) to extract coherent structures from experiments of electrokinetic instability pdf »

  • Paper in Physical Review E- Jun 20, 2017

    In our latest article in Physical Review E, we describe the instability of isotachophoresis shock wave pdf »

  • Paper in Physical Review E- Feb 8, 2017

    In our latest article in Physical Review E, we explain the mechanism of EHD instability with collinear electric field and conductivity gradient pdf »

  • Paper in Optics Communications- Oct 11, 2016

    In our latest article in Optics Communications, we describe a low-cost liquid lens design pdf »

  • Paper in Langmuir- Oct 11, 2016

    Our work on Capillary displacement of viscous liquids in geometries with axial variation has been published in Langmuir pdf »

  • Paper in Int. J. Heat & Mass Transfer- Sept 4, 2016

    Our work on micro heat pipes with wettability gradients has been published in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer pdf »

  • Paper in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics- June 12, 2016

    Our work on high internal phase polymerization has been published in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics pdf »

  • Paper in Proceedings of Royal Society A- Feb 24, 2016

    Our work on modelling of multi-species electrophoresis in presence of surface conduction has been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A pdf »

  • Paper in Biomicrofluidics- Jan 13, 2016

    Our work on uncertainty quantification of microfluidic systems has been published in Biomicrofluidics pdf »

  • Paper in Phys. Rev. E.- Aug 10, 2015

    Our work on stability of electrophoretic transport of ions has been published in Physical Review E. pdf »

  • DST Funding for Electrohydrodynamics- Aug 28, 2014

    Our lab has been awarded three year funding from the Despartment of Science and Technology for research project on electrohydrodynamics under the Scheme for Young Scientists.

  • Seed Funding for Paper-Microfluidics- Sept 19, 2013

    Our lab is awarded seed funds from the Planning Unit, IIT Delhi for research project on low-cost health diagnostics using paper-microfluidics.

  • Seed Funding from IRD, IITD- August 29, 2013

    Our lab is awarded seed funds from the Industrial Research and Development Unit (IRD) of IIT Delhi for research project on simulating microscale electrokinetic flows.

  • Dr. Supreet Singh Bahga joins IIT Delhi- July 15, 2013

    Dr. Supreet Singh Bahga joined IIT Delhi as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering. He received his MS and PhD from Stanford University in 2009 and 2013, respectively, and B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2007.